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DTF / DTG Extreme Cleaning Solution 1L

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DTF / DTG Extreme Cleaning Solution 1 Litre. Maintenance liquid for flushing and cleaning DTF systems.


Discover the Extreme Cleaning Solution DTF / DTG, a premium-grade cleaning liquid designed to meet the specific needs of Direct-to-Film (DTF) printing. Unlike capping solutions, this DTF maintenance product isn’t intended for daily use. For that purpose, we recommend our DTF Cleaning Solution.

Our cleaning and maintenance liquids ensure excellent results depending on their application. Manutech-Print's DTF / DTG cleaning solutions are suitable for any textile printing workshop that produces high volumes or is just starting out in textile customisation.

Extreme Cleaning Solution DTF: The Powerful Cleaning Liquid for Direct-to-Film or Direct To garment Printing.

The unique formula acts quickly and eliminates ink residues that can clog certain DTF print head nozzles.

Look no further, the Extreme Cleaning Solution DTF is the professional cleaning liquid you need! It cleans the print head nozzles, dissolves ink residues, or clogs inside the ink tubes. This DTF maintenance product ensures optimal performance of your print heads. Order it today and improve the quality of your DTF prints while extending the lifespan of your I3200-A1 or head of white Brother GTX pro.

Application of Extreme Cleaning Solution for DTG or DTF Print Heads.

This powerful liquid serves two key applications: rinsing the DTF printing system and cleaning DTF or GTX Pro printheads. When track obstructions occur during DTF transfer printing or when you are considering an ink change, the Extreme Cleaning Solution DTF is the essential solution for maintaining your DTF printer.

Apply it at the first signs of nozzle obstruction or the first printing defects related to DTF print heads. The longer you wait, the more complicated the cleaning becomes.

Usage Tip for Extreme Cleaning Solution for DTF Ink.

Manutech-Print recommends the use of this powerful DTF maintenance solution by an experienced person in the maintenance of direct-to-film printers. This powerful cleaning and rinsing product is used directly in the capping station or during a risky print head disassembly flushing operation.

Extreme Cleaning Solution DTF: An Effective and Universal Product for DTF Printing.

Our Extreme Cleaning Solution DTF is universal. It is perfectly suitable for all brands of DTF printers, including those from Oric, Audley, and other well-known manufacturers. You can thus keep your equipment in perfect condition, regardless of the brand of your DTF printer and the DTF ink used.

Don't use it as a daily capping liquid in the DTF capping station.

Manutech-Print's range of DTG / DTF maintenance products:

Ultra Cleaning Solution DTG/DTF: Use when all cleaning / capping or strong solutions fail. Apply this solution as a last resort before replacing a printhead. Don't use it as a capping solution.

Cleaning Solution DTF: DTF capping solution for daily use. Pour it into the cap top to keep the print heads well-moistened.