• Flex Remover, DTF transfer remover, easy to use | Manutech-Print
  • Flex Remover, DTF transfer remover, easy to use | Manutech-Print
  • Flex Remover, DTF transfer remover, easy to use | Manutech-Print
  • Flex Remover, DTF transfer remover, easy to use | Manutech-Print
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Flex Remover 50 ml | DTF transfer remover

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Easily correct DTF printing errors with Flex Remover, a DTF transfer remover. 50 ml bottle.


The Flex Remover (DTF Remover) represents the ultimate solution for quickly correcting small textile printing errors. Easily and quickly peel off a DTF transfer. Bottle of 50 ml.

Direct To Film printing, an innovative technique, involves printing directly onto transfer film. After applying a powder, the visual is dried, the melted powder acting as an adhesive. In the event of an error or bad application, the DTF transfer remover intervenes.

Application of Flex remover or solvent for DTF transfer.

When a DTF transfer is poorly placed, the Flex Remover or DTF remover offers a quick and effective solution. It effectively dissolves the heat transfer, then allowing the transfer to be removed with patience and weeding pliers used for flocking. It is suitable for any heat transfer:

  • DFT and flex remove textile print ;
  • Product for removing DTF transfer, Flex and flocking on t-shirts ;
  • Solution to save your DTF transfer.

Using the Flex Remover for remove textile transfer.

DTF transfer remover: Quickly correct small textile printing errors.

Eliminates flex on the T-shirt: Ideal for correcting small errors in the placement of letters or logos.

Suitable for any garment heat transfer: Suitable for various types of transfers, including flocking and flex on shirts.

When to employ the Flex remover or DTF transfer remover ?

The DTF remover is your ally in several situations, particularly in the event of poor installation, colour error or placement of the textile transfer. It is utilised in the event of an error in placing a DTF transfer, but also in the event of a printing error noticed too late. Its use remains recommended for small corrections and not for large visuals like an A3 area.

Precautions to observe when removing a DTF transfer.

Make sure you work in a well-ventilated area, wear protective gloves, and place a newspaper under the t-shirt to protect the work surface. Repeatedly test the Flex remover before use.

How to rescue a DTF and a shirt transfer?

DTF Remover quickly fixes textiles printing errors. With this effective product, without difficulty remove flex from textiles, flocking and DTF transfers. It leaves little or no trace and Flex Remover dries quickly. Then you apply your transfer or just the letter on the same garment without any problem.

Using Flex Remover to remove a wrong Letter.

Allow you to heat press a wrong visual ? Your DTF logo is poorly centred and therefore a non-compliant textile for your customer? With Flex Remover you can remove your faulty DTF transfer and apply the DTF logo while keeping the same polo shirt or hoodies.

Steps to remove your heat transfer from a t-shirt:

  1. Wear protective gloves, work in a ventilated area.
  2. Using the pipette, place the Flex remover on the part of the transfer to be removed. You can apply the liquid to the front side and the back side of the shirt.
  3. Wait a few times for the DTF remover to evaporate from the garment (In case of stains caused by the Flex Remover, optimally compress the textile for 2-3 seconds.).
  4. Proceed with the application of the correct graphics following the instructions for the DTF film used.