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DTF Cleaning Solution Premium

  • Reference: CleanSol1L

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DTF Cleaning solution, Premium formula to remove stains and DTF ink residue. Available in 1 L and 5 L.


DTF Cleaning Solution, ultra efficient, exists in a 1 litre bottle or a 5 litre container with its increasingly attractive price.

An effective formula of DTF cleaning liquid or capping station soaking solution. The DTF cleaning solution removes water-based ink residues and stains like DTF ink or DTG ink.

Use this premium DTF printing machine cleaning solution daily. Once your created print on DTF transfer film is finished, gently pour some cleaning fluid into the capping station. This allows the Epson DTF printheads to stay moist and therefore to preserve them. Efficiently performing this routine maintenance keeps your DTF printing system up and running and producing beautiful, vibrant colour DTF transfers.

Frequent applications of the cleaning solution for DTF:

  • Daily DTF maintenance solution;
  • Soaking solution for capping station;
  • Clean DTF printheads,
  • DTF wiper and damper cleaner;
  • Flush the DTF ink system if needed;
  • Also suitable for DTG ink cleaning from brother GTX or other.

Tips for using the DTF cleaning solution.

Apply the DTF printhead cleaning solution using a swab (cleaning stick for DTF - DTG) or a cleaning wipe for DTF ink.

To clean the Epson DTF printhead or printing system, use a syringe with a flexible tube for greater precision and efficiency.

If you're looking for a more aggressive and quicker unclogging solution, try the Extreme Cleaning solution for DTF.

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