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DTF Extreme Cleaning Solution 1L

  • Reference: ExtCleanSol1L

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Powerful Extreme Cleaning Solution for DTF Printing System, 250ml and 1 Litre. Dissolves clogs and residue from DTF/DTG inks.


Extreme Cleaning Solution is a miraculous and extremely effective solution to unclog Epson printheads for DTF.

This powerful DTF cleaning product is available in 1 litre container.

The Extreme Cleaning solution for DTF is employed as a last resort. First choose the Cleaning Solution for DTF, because its formula is more powerful.

The unique formula is fast acting and removes DTF ink residue and clogs.

Applications of the extreme cleaning solution for DTF printhead. 

Looking for a more powerful, aggressive and faster cleaning liquid than a DTF ink cleaning solution, extreme cleaning is the DTF maintenance fluid to try.

The extreme cleaning solution for DTF saves DTF Epson printheads when the situation is really critical, use it as a last resort before disposing of your DTF printer's printhead.

It is ideal when the Epson head gets clogged during a print run.

DTF maintenance fluid that eliminates residues and clogs caused by DTF ink.

Flush the DTF ink in your printing system or a manual printhead flush. (risky operation)

Advice for using the Extreme cleaning solution for dtf ink.

Manutech-Print recommends the use of this liquid by a person experienced in the maintenance of direct-to-film printers.

When the printhead becomes clogged during printing, leave to act for 30 minutes then rinse.

Do not leave it in the printing machine for more than 12 hours. This tends to damage elastomer elements such as rubber diaphragms or clapping lips.

Do not use as a cleaning fluid in the DTF capping station.

Packaging: Extreme Cleaning solution in 1 litre container.

Universal: Compatible with Epson, Brother, Kornit and more printheads.