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Conveyor Dryer ASSO 600 | Chiossi e Cavazzuti

  • Reference: ASSO600

€8,000.00 Tax excluded


ASSO 600 conveyor dryer, Chiossi and Cavazzuti. Top of the superior range, little used, excellent condition. New value €12,000 excl.


ASSO 6OO used conveyor dryer from Chiossi and Cavazzuti.

This drying tunnel is ideal for screen printing and digital textile printing.

High-end textile dryer, it easily adapts to high speeds. An asset to increase its speed and production capacity for personalised textiles. It cures plastisols ink, water-based DTG ink as well as pre-treatment for direct-to-garment digital printing. Depending on the setting, it bakes digital prints up to 250 pieces/hour.

  • Excellent condition, very little used.
  • Power supply: 400 V three-phase.
  • Length: 4 meters.
  • Carpet width: 60 cm.
  • Year 2013.
  • 3 month warranties.

The characteristics of the screen-printing drying tunnel and digital textile printing ASSO 600.

Chiossi and Cavazzuti have been developing the high-end screen printing or DTG conveyor dryer for over 40 years.

The ASSO 600 conveyor dryer is specially designed to harden and dry digital direct-to-textile printing. One of the particular advantages of this Chiossi and Cavazzuti drying tunnel obtain the excellent circulation of hot air. Thus, plastisols inks or digital water-based inks dry faster.

Equipped with a double mat (The second mat heats 30 ° less than the upper mat.) Which ensures perfect cooking. But also, a return of the garment to be personalised at the departure station, so that only one operator is needed.

In the digital printing drying tunnel (DTG), the temperature remains uniform and stable at both ends as well as in the centre. It is precisely adjusted using a thermostat and its control system.

Work safely, as the temperature don't exceed your setting value. This avoids damaging the most fragile textiles or organics cottons. The air exchange easily evacuates steam or smoke and thus allows high volume air circulation.

This reinforced air flow convection system is specially designed and employs superior performance inverted blades with low noise level. The outlet nozzles return the air to the textile perpendicularly and at high speed. Filters on each blower fan requiring little maintenance.

The heavily insulated mineral wool fibre structure results in a cooler workplace and outer skin that is cool to the touch. Remarkably, it naturally reduces both power consumption and heat dissipation.

The used drying tunnel for digital printing and screen printing allows the operator to work without having to change position. The belt conveyor operates at lower temperatures of around 10-15 ° C: this improves the quality of drying and at the same time allows the principal operator to touch the printed garment without risk of burns.