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Dark Cotton DTG Concentrated Universal Pretreat 5L | SK

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Dark Cotton DTG Concentrated Universal Pretreat 5L by SK Color. Premium formula Developed for transport economy.


In the demanding world of textile printing, the quality and durability of your creations are important. Manutech Print, as a specialist in direct-to-garment (DTG) printing, fully understands these requirements.

Universal DTG pretreat Dark Cotton is suitable for all textile printers like the Brother GTX Pro, the Epson F series and Polyprint DTG printers.

The concentrated formula saves on delivery costs. Easy dilution, for a high-performance product and 20 litres of ready to use pretreat.

Less heavy than a 20 litre can of 23 kg, the 5 litre can of concentrated pretreatment for DTG printers typically weighs only 8 kg.

Discover the benefits of pretreatment fluid for DTG printing.

  • OEKO-TEX® labelled;
  • Easy dilution, one volume of pretreatment solution for 3 volumes of osmosis water.
  • The pretreatment liquid for dark or, black cotton;
  • Pretreatment solution for DTG that produces no visible marks, does not stain custom t-shirts;
  • Its unique composition does not create residues or deposits;
  • Correctly applied, it optimises the printing of your DTG printer with an incredible finish;
  • An unbeatable price and excellent quality;
  • Use less DTG pretreatment fluid than other OEM brands;
  • Excellent resistance to washing;
  • Long shelf life, the superior product can be kept for more than 12 completed months;
  • Low odour.

How to Use DTG Dark Cotton Precoating ?

  1. Dilute one volume of the concentrated version of DTG pretreatment for Brother or Epson with 3 volumes of osmosis or demineralised water.
  2. Preparation: Before application, make sure the textile is smooth and dry.A well-prepared surface ensures uniform distribution of the product.
  3. Application with a pretreatment machine: To begin, during your tests, spray a dose between 20 and 25 g on a 30 x 40 cm surface of a t-shirt to personalise. To weigh the textile pretreatment liquid, place an electronic scale under the can before spraying to record the value. Adjust your setting if necessary.
  4. Manual Application: Use a hand sprayer to apply the pretreatment evenly to the print area. This manual method ensures balanced distribution of the DTG coating.
  5. Drying: After direct application, use a DTG conveyor dryer like a Chiossi & Cavazzuti. Adequate drying is essential to activate the specific properties of the pretreatment and ensure optimal fixation of the textile ink.

Tips for Optimal Use : Dark Cotton DTG Concentrated Universal Pretreat.

Test the pretreatment liquid on a test before production. The tests allow you to adjust the necessary quantity needed depending on the t-shirt or hoodies used.

Carefully follow your equipment manufacturer's specific recommendations to ensure maximum compatibility.

A pretreat for white DTG ink compatible with the majority of DTG textile printers.

  • Pretreatment for Brother GTX Pro / GTX Pro Bulk ;
  • Pretreatment fluid for Epson F2100, F2200, F3000 series ;
  • Pretreat for Ricoh and Polyprint DTG printer ;
  • And the universal pretreats users ;
  • Except KORNIT brand printers.