• Dual plates automatic and electric heat press for DTF | Manutech-Print
  • Dual plates automatic and electric heat press for DTF | Manutech-Print
  • Dual plates automatic and electric heat press for DTF | Manutech-Print
  • Dual plates automatic and electric heat press for DTF | Manutech-Print
  • Dual plates automatic and electric heat press for DTF | Manutech-Print
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Dual Plates Automatic and Electric Heat press

  • Reference: BN-20ACC

€4,200.00 Tax excluded

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Dual plates electric heat press 40 x 50 cm, super equipped, automatic or semi-auto mode. Professional range.


Dual plates electric heat press 40 x 50 cm and fully equipped. It comes with many accessories, like the laser alignment system, 5 platens by Kits. This 100% electric textile heat press makes it possible to apply quality textile transfers, in large series. It offers many advantages: silent, uniform pressure, easy to use, easily moved thanks to its movable stand.

Electric double platen heat press Features.

Precisely fix your visuals in large series with the professional, electric and automatic heat press. Personalise textiles or other shirts up to 4.5 cm thick. Move it easily. It just needs an electrical outlet, not an air compressor.

  • BN-20 100% Electric Premium Heat Press ;
  • 2 plates 40 x 50 cm ;
  • 2 heat platens covers + cover for lower platen ;
  • Includes 2 kits 5 plates : 18 x 38 cm /12 x 45 cm / 30 x 35 cm /13 x 13 cm /12 x 36 cm (shoes) ;
  • 4 positioning lasers ;
  • Maximum material thickness: 4.5 cm ;
  • Sturdy movable stand ;
  • Advanced LCD controller ;
  • Maximum temperature: 232°C ;
  • Maximum pressure: 400 g/cm² ;
  • Machine dimensions 110 cm x 85 cm x 162 cm ;
  • Weight : 125kg ;
  • Electrical connection 2200 W — 220 V ;
  • Recommended electrical outlet 20A.

Advantages of the double platen electric textile press.

The heat press for textile transfer is easy to use and demands little maintenance. It offers many practical advantages :

  • 40 cm x 50 cm double platens heat press ;
  • Textile heat press delivered with 5 kits of 2 plates ;
  • System of alignment lasers that allow you to precisely place your DTF transfer on the shirt ;
  • Support table for textile press on wheels. It moves easily from one workstation to another ;
  • Quick change of the lower plates, without tools, to save productivity time ;
  • Quiet heat press compared to a pneumatic textile press. It improves the working conditions of the operator ;
  • DTF transfer press that works without an air compressor ;
  • Many settings : Temperature, pressure, movement speed ;
  • Two modes : Automatic or semi-automatic electric heat press ;
  • Energy Saver Mode : The t-shirt heat press automatically shuts off after 20 minutes of no textile transfer application or textile ink drying. This saves energy and extends the life of the textile press.

How does the electric heat press work ?

The electric and automatic textile press works simply. The LCD digital screen makes it easy to properly configure the adjustment of temperature, pressure and DTF transfer exposure time.

The upper oven plate automatically moves from one plate to another. This double platen press has two possible speeds. This allows large series production.

There are precisely two modes of operation. A semi-automatic mode or an automatic mode.

Quickly change plates with an easily accessible dial and fix your DTF transfer.

How to use the double platen electric heat press ?

The electric and automatic dual-platen heat press is suitable for all areas of textile personalisation.

For DTF or Direct To Film printing, the professional textile press cures the DTF powder. It fixes the textile transfer on t-shirts on any material.

It is equally suitable for direct digital textile printing or DTG printing. It dries the dark cotton pre-treatment and smoothes the garment before printing. At that time the automatic heat press dries the digital textile ink.

What size platens to use for a heat press ?

The heat press kit includes 5 sizes of 2 interchangeable platens. Aluminium trays with a silicone mat of about 10 mm.

With an adult t-shirt, use the medium to large platens, around 38 x 38 cm or the 40 x 50 cm model.

For children's clothing, choose the smaller plates of 25 x 25 cm.

The textile transfer on the sleeves demands special shaped plates, longitudinal in 18 x 38 cm or 12 x 45 cm.

Additional platens are a handy accessory for an automatic electric double platen heat press. They make it possible to personalise a wide variety of textile products like sneakers or other supports.


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