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  • Brown Plastisol Ink 1Kg | Manutech-Print
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Brown Plastisol Ink 1Kg | SK Color

  • Reference: AVW-40483

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Brown plastisol ink by SK Color for screen printing. Mark on all textiles, strong covering power. Decreasing prices


Brown Plastisol ink 1kg for screen printing. This textile plastisol ink from SK Color has a strong covering power. It is easy to apply and therefore not very suitable for beginners as well as for confirmed silkscreens.

Brown plastisol ink is resistant to many washes. For the purchase of 5 x 1KG enjoy 20% discount.

Print Instructions with Brown plastisol ink:

  1. Place a good amount of ink for SK Plastisol screen printing on one side of your screen. Next, make sure that the ink is laid out in a straight line covering the width of the unexposed area.
  2. With your screen squeegee, pull and then push the plastisol ink, while pushing the ink through the mesh.

Hot Pressing: Hot pressing at 180°C for 10 seconds after flashing is recommended for a smooth surface and optimal curing.

Printing on a base: Can be printed on all other SK ink products. It is recommended to print an underlayment on a dark material before other plastisol inks.

Drying instruction: Printed fabric should be dried for a minimum of 60 seconds at 180°C ideally, printed ink should be hardened for 1min30 at 150-170°C

Test/ Caution: It is recommended to stretch and wash the screen printing material after printing to ensure the best result.

Cleaning: Use degrader ink SK PLASTI DGR to clean ink on your screen printing frame.

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