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  • Cap Top for Epson i3200-A1 DTF, DTF spare parts | Manutech-Print
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i3200-A1 Cap Top DTF

  • Reference: CTI3200-A1

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Cap Top for Epson i3200-A1 DTF, Compatible with all Epson I3200 / 4720 printheads.


The cap top for Epson I3200-A1 DTF keeps the nozzles clean and moist. It prolongs the life of the DTF printer.

After many transfer prints, DTF ink builds up or produces the residue. We recommend cleansing it regularly and replacing it once or twice a year.

For best results, use our DTF cleaning solution, it effectively dissolves traces or ink residue.

Cap top compatibility for DTF printer :

The cap top fits in all capping stations for I3200-A1 printheads. It is suitable for DTF printers from major manufacturers like Audley, Oric, Mycolor, Haiya...

How to maintain the I3200 DTF capping station ?

Regularly clean the seals of the I3200-A1 capping station or I3200-A1 cap top with the DTF cleaning solution. Its action eliminates excess ink. Scrub with a cleaning stick for DTF or DTG.

What is the capping station for I3200 ?

The I3200-A1 printhead capping station is a set of essential spare parts for a DTF printer. It consists of a pump, a cap top and a wiper.

The capping station brings DTF ink from tank or dampers. This ensures a continuous flow of ink for the I3200 or 4720 printhead.

The cap top part for i3200 printhead keeps the nozzles wet, clean while eliminating the ink to the waste.

For optimal efficiency, use our DTF cleaning solution to maintain your printheads. A smartly priced DTF cleaning fluid with guaranteed results.

Why does the DTF printer's capping station not work ?

The capping station of the DTF printer presents problems when its maintenance is neglected or due to wear.

One of the recurring problems is related to the rubber seal of the capping station or cap for the Epson I3200-A1 printhead.

To prolong the life of your DTF spares part, keep it clean. This seals the base of the print head for direct to film printers and guarantees good print quality of the textile transfer.