• DTG & DTF Cleaning swab for GTX printer, set 50 | Manutech-Print
  • DTG & DTF Cleaning swab for GTX printer, set 50 | Manutech-Print
DTG & DTF Cleaning swab for GTX printer, set 50 | Manutech-Print zoom_in

DTG & DTF Cleaning swab for GTX printer

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50 DTG & DTF Cleaning swab for GTX printer. Routine maintenance of the DTG, DTF and UV-DTF printer


50 DTG & DTF Cleaning swab for GTX Pro / pro B, an ideal accessory for maintaining your DTG printer or DTF printer.

Versatile, they are suitable for all DTF and DTG machines.

Professional printer cleaning foam swabs for DTG and  DTF-UV Printers, lint-free, guarantee effective cleaning of GTX or I3200 print heads. Each set includes 50 cleaning sticks, for routine maintenance of your printing systems.

Essential features of the cleaning stick for GTX Pro and DTF Printer:

Lintfree Design: Manutech-Print cleaning sticks are exclusively designed to ensure precise cleaning without leaving the unwanted residue. Lint-free technology ensures gentle maintenance of White GTX Pro printheads, extending their lifespan.

Universal GTX Maintenance Accessory: Whether you employ a Brother GTX Pro printer or indulge in Direct to Film printing, these sticks are compatible with a variety of models. Their versatility makes them essential for any textile printer user.

Effective maintenance: The set of 50 sticks allows periodic and efficient maintenance of your Brother GTX Pro white or colour print heads. Preventive cleaning helps typically prevent clogs, ensuring consistent, consistent print quality.

For quality textile prints: With DTF or DTG cleaning sticks, you ensure optimal performance of your printing equipment. Gently remove ink residue and particles, preserving the necessary precision of your created prints.

How to Clean I3200 or Brother GTX Pro Printheads with polyurethane rubber cleaning swabs.

Regular printhead maintenance ensures beautiful prints with Brother GTX Pro or Pro Bulk printers. GTX black cleaning sticks provide a simple solution to maintaining the quality of your prints. Used with our Extreme cleaning DTG, water-based textile ink residues are unresistant.

Using DTG cleaning sticks.

To begin, make sure the printer is turned off. Take a Manutech-Print cleaning stick. Soak it lightly with our DTF DTG Extrême cleaning Solution or as a last resort Ultra cleaning. Both available in our range of consumables. These professional printer cleaning foam swabs for DTG and UV Printers are designed without lint. They guarantee precise cleaning without residue.

Step by Step to Clean GTX Pro Printheads.

Access to the Printheads: Carefully open the printer cover to access the print heads. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions to avoid damage.

Light and regular cleaning with our DTF / DTG cleaning solution: Gently pass the soaked ruby stick cleaning swabs over the print heads. Make sure to cover the entire area. Be sure not to apply excessive pressure to prevent damaging the components.

Repeat Process: Replicate the process with clean DTG sticks until all ink residue or particles are removed. Periodic cleaning will help prevent clogs and maintain print quality.

Closing the Cover: Once cleaning is complete, carefully close the printer cover and follow the instructions provided by the Brother GTX Pro

Keep your printing equipment in pristine condition with GTX Pro Cleaning Sticks. An ideal solution to preserve the life of your DTF or DTG print heads and ensure excellent results with each print. Take advantage of Manutech-Print excellence for optimal maintenance of your printing equipment.