• Brother GTX/GTX Pro Inks, cartridge 700 ml Innobella | Manutech-Print
  • Brother GTX/GTX Pro Inks, cartridge 700 ml Innobella | Manutech-Print
Brother GTX/GTX Pro Inks, cartridge 700 ml Innobella | Manutech-Print zoom_in

Brother GTX / GTX Pro Inks | Cartridge 700 ml

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Brother GTX / GTX Pro ink, 700 ml cartridge for colours and 2 X 700 ml for white. DTG ink GOTS and OEKO-TEX®.


Brother GTX and GTXPro inks, 700 ml individual cartridges for colours and set X 2 700 ml for white. Inks for GTX Pro always bring more shine and vibrancy to your textile printing.

Brother DTG Innobella inks are exclusively designed to efficiently deliver exceptional performance on the GTX Pro and GTX printers.

Used with the pretreat : SK Dark Cotton, the prints are more resistant to washing and the lovely colours come out better vividly!

Water-based DTG printing inks certified by GOTS and ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX ®. Innobella GTX Pro ink also makes it easy to create beautiful DTF (Direct To Film) transfers.

GOTS certified, water-based DTG inks naturally reduce their environmental impact thanks to innovative and eco-responsible packaging. By using replaceable bags and not rigid plastic cartridges, the design minimises the plastic wasted. This significantly reduces the weight and volume of waste.

The diverse types of inks for Brother GTX Pro and GTX printers.

The Brother GTX and GTX Pro digital textile printer ink bags come in various colours.

  • Brother GTX White ink in 700 ml (Pack of 2);
  • Ink for Brother GTX and GTXPro Cyan in 700 ml;
  • Ink for digital textile printers GTX Magenta in 700 ml;
  • GTX Pro and GTX Yellow ink 700 ml bag;
  • Brother Black textile ink in 700 ml cartridge.

The advantages of Brother DTG Inks for Brother GTX series printers.

Innobella ink for GTX and GTX Pro optimises the excellent quality of prints on t-shirts and standard accessories like tote bags and sneakers. Over here obtain the principal advantages.

Brother textile ink specially designed for quality DTG printing.

Brother has developed Innobella textile inks specially designed for the GTX, ensuring optimal compatibility between the ink and the DTG printer.

An incredible range of splendid colours for digital textile printers.

Innobella inks offer a much wider range of colours, including more intense purples, blues and pinks. This allows for more vibrant, colour-rich printing results.

Optimised ink for Brother GTX and GTX Pro digital textile printers.

Brother GTX and GTX Pro digital textile printer inks are designed to optimise the performance of the DTG printer. They ensure regular and exceptional print quality. Innobella textile inks are specially suited for printing on fabrics, guaranteeing long-lasting, high-quality results.

GOTS textile ink for ever faster printing.

Although Innobella inks may have a higher upfront cost, this is more than offset by faster print speeds. Which offers a significant advantage in productive efficiency and production quality.

DTG ink - Brother GTX / GTX Pro minimises printing issues and improves remarkably process stability.

How to optimise DTG printing with Brother GTX and GTX digital textile printer ink?

A straightforward process to improve ink adhesion, colour rendering and print durability:

DTG pretreat optimised for GTX is ordinarily used to prepare the surface of the fabric. It fixes the surface and improves the adhesion of Brother GTX ink. This results in sharper, longer-lasting prints, reducing the chance of smudging or fading of the printed image.

Better colour reproduction.

By applying appropriate DTG pretreat, the surface of the fabric is evened out, allowing the DTG Brother ink to disperse more evenly. This leads to a more faithful reproduction of colours and design details, providing more excellent results.

Compatibility with a vaster variety of clothes and accessories.

By using DTG pretreat from the SK Color range, it is possible to adapt DTG printing to a wider variety of textiles. It includes darker garment or clothes blends that are difficult to print directly. This expands the creative possibilities and makes it possible to meet a wider range of customer requests.

Optimising Innobella ink usage.

By spraying precoating the garment, the amount of ink needed to achieve a quality print is minimised, which can reduce printing costs in the long run. Additionally, better ink adhesion allows for more efficient use of innobella ink, reducing waste and production costs.

There are many benefits to using DTG pretreat optimised for GTX Pro / GTX Pro B in combination with DTG ink. Including improved ink adhesion, better colour reproduction, reduced “fading”, compatibility increased with different textiles and optimisation of ink usage. It's resulting in high quality and durable prints.