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  • Premium DTF Ink, 1 Litre, DTF Supplies | Manutech-Print
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Premium DTF Ink | 1 Litre

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€70.00 Tax excluded

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From € 40 (x50). 1 liter water-based DTF ink for textile printing, W+CMYK. Premium quality, bright colors. Soft touch.


Premium DTF ink, new more fluid anti-clog composition for printheads, in 1 litre bottle. Available in White, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black.

Manutech-Print presents a range of premium quality DTF ink or direct to film ink, with high opacity. Used with our DTF film, you'll get true designs to your original file and in bright, vibrant colours.

Our attractive prices are decreasing. From 10 water based ink for DTF, ordered, mixed possible, get a discount. For large volumes, contact us for a quotation.

Direct To Film ink, like all our DTF products, is tested in real production. This ensures you a direct to film ink of superior quality and an excellent result.

DTF ink/transfers can be transferred to a variety of textiles and fabrics (cotton, cotton/polyester blend and more) as well as other materials.

Our range includes the 5 CMYK inks for textile printing.

  • White DTF Ink;
  • Cyan DTF Ink;
  • Magenta DTF Ink;
  • Yellow DTF Ink;
  • Black DTF ink.

DTF printing uses less ink than DTG printing and does not require pretreatment. Production cost is also lower. This modern process does not necessarily require expensive specialised equipment to get started.

The principal characteristics of water-based DTF ink:

  • New more fluid anti-clog composition for printheads;
  • High colour density;
  • Excellent opacity;
  • Exceptional colour saturation;
  • Premium quality;
  • High resistance to washing;
  • Smooth and soft touch;
  • Stretch print.

How does DTF work?

DTF ink or Direct to Film ink allows textile workshops to print designs onto DTF transfer film with a specific coating layer.

Next the film is coated with a layer of hot melt adhesive powder. There are two solutions to fix the DTF powder. Either by manual application or by an automatic shaker.

After these two steps, the operator attaches the transfer film directly to the garment to be personalised using a heat press.

The DTF printing technique offers many advantages compared to printing processes such as screen printing or the direct to garment.

First, the DTF pattern comes out with sharp edges with excellent resolution. All this, without cutting or weeding.

Secondly, the DTF works on all colored backgrounds and various types of textiles like cotton, cotton/polyester blends, lycra…

For printing on a dark background, employ a DTF printer with white ink (W+CMYK). The RIP software transmits the information to the DTF printer. It prints the colours and then the white layer. For garments with a white background, only CMYK inks are needed, no white ink. The backing can be any fabric, like cotton, silk, polyester and more. Therefore, DTF printing works on all colour backgrounds and on the majority of textiles.