• DTF printer 4 Heads & curing/shaker DTF powder set | Manutech-Print
  • DTF printer 4 Heads & curing/shaker DTF powder set | Manutech-Print
  • DTF printer 4 Heads & curing/shaker DTF powder set | Manutech-Print
  • DTF printer 4 Heads & curing/shaker DTF powder set | Manutech-Print
  • DTF printer 4 Heads & curing/shaker DTF powder set | Manutech-Print
DTF printer 4 Heads & curing/shaker DTF powder set | Manutech-Print zoom_in

DTF printer 4 Heads & curing/shaker set | DL60X4FV

  • Reference: DL60X4FV

€24,000.00 Tax excluded

On sale for international. Please contact us for quotation.

DTF printer and curing/shaker set DL60X4FV, 4 Epson I3200 print heads, Cadlink RIP. 


The DL60X4FV DTF printer and curing/shaker set is suitable for the production of textile transfers in large series or medium production. This kit for DTF printing works automatically on a 60 cm roll (Roll to Roll). The DTF printer faithfully reproduces your visuals with vivid and brilliant colours with its 4 Epson I3200 printheads.

The DTF transfer sticks as easily on a cotton polo as on organic cotton sweatshirts, cotton/polyester t-shirts, sportswear, lycra and more.

DTF DL60X4FV Printer Features.

The DL60X4FV DTF printer has a width of 60 cm. The two Epson I3200 printheads provide excellent print quality.

  • 2 EPSON i3200 print-heads for CMYK + White simultaneously;
  • Come with RIP Cadlink ;
  • Print resolution: 4 pass/1200 dpi, 6 pass/1800 dpi ;
  • DTF ink type: Water-based textile pigment ink;
  • Ink supply system: Continuous negative pressure;
  • Auto cleaning & flash, anti-jamming;
  • Works on Windows 7/10. We recommend a dedicated computer with 8 GB of RAM;
  • Conditions of optimal use: Temperature: 18 °C - 35 °C Humidity: 35% — 65%;
  • Max print speed:12 m²/h;
  • Power supply: 220 V AC 50/60 HZ - 10 A. It is preferable to use an inverter to stabilise the electrical voltage;
  • Machine weight: 100 kg;
  • Comes with a removable stand;
  • Dimensions: 1200 (L) x 960 (W) x 1000 (Ht) mm.

With the progress of Direct-To-Film printing and its low production cost, it is indisputable that DTF occupies a significant share in the textile printing industry. It is quickly becoming one of the most popular marking techniques in textile printing compared to printing processes like screen printing.

DTF supplies for the fast DTF DL60X4FV printer.

When ordering a DTF 60 cm printer, DL60X4FV, Manutech-Print propose many DTF supplies and services:

  • Shipping and installation on site in metropolitan France, other on request ;
  • An on-site training and onboarding session for a DTF printer ;
  • Rip CADlink Digital Factory DTF;
  • DTF transfer film roll 60cm x 100m ;
  • DTF powder 5 KG | Premium ;
  • Premium White DTF Ink | 1 litre ;
  • Premium CYAN DTF Ink | 1 litre ;
  • Premium YELLOW DTF Ink | 1 litre ;
  • Premium MAGENTA DTF Ink | 1 litre ;
  • Premium YELLOW DTF Ink | 1 litre ;
  • Premium DTF Black Ink | 1 litre ;
  • DTF Cleaning Solution - 1L;
  • Extreme cleaning solution - 0.25 L.

Space Saving Vertical Auto-Powder Application and Curing Unit.

The automatic textile printing range comes with a space saving DTF vertical auto-powder application and curing unit. Correctly apply and curing powder with this innovative DTF machine. Its space-saving vertical design saves space in your textile printing workshop. With its seven lamps, you accomplish a hardening of the powder identical to the model of standard DTF oven.

Features of the DTF automatic vertical shaker/cure.

The DTF vertical shaker/curer dumps the powder and dries the textile transfer film rolls. This DTF oven works with any Direct To Film printer with two Epson printheads.

  • Space-saving vertical design: One of the DTF automatic powders with the smallest footprint and a heating area identical to a horizontal DTF oven.
  • Automatic hot melt powder deposit: Fill the DTF powder tray. It pours in a constant and uniform way, with the possibility of adjusting the speed.
  • Automated Powder Agitator: Disposes of excess DTF powder that falls into the collection drawer for reuse.
  • Heating zone with seven lamps: Precise heat control and regulation.
  • DTF transfer film drive: Automatic by suction, without belt;
  • DTF oven dimensions: 920 L x 730 W x 1170 mm H
  • Weight: 130 kg
  • Power supply: 220 V AC 50/60 Hz — 16 A
  • Maximum electrical power: 4,500 W

Smoke escapes easily. The automatic printing line is delivered without fume extractor. Its standard exhaust port accepts any extractor or any connection to a central vacuum system.

Vertical DTF powder application machine fits with Oric, Audley, HJD, Titan, Coldesi, Mutoh STS printers, the next Mimaki or Roland and Brother DTF printers and other DTF roll printers.

Textile ink, PET film for transfer and DTF powder at competitive prices.

With the acquisition of the DTF DL60X4FV printer and the compact 60 cm dryer, you command unbeatable prices on our DTF Premium supplies:

  • DTF white powder: From €19/kg ;
  • Premium DTF ink: CMYK + B: From €50/Litre ;
  • Hot Peel and Cold Peel DTF Transfer Film: From €90.

What are the principal advantages of DTF?

The principle of DTF printing works by printing transfers directly onto PET film. Once cut, the textile transfer is heat pressed. It applies to most clothes, caps, tote bags and sneakers. Unlike DTG which only works on cotton or cotton/polyester blend fabrics. DTF printing remains the most versatile digital printing technique. DTF printers work on both white and dark wears.

The DTF: Reduced textile printing costs, low maintenance costs.

The DTF printer with a width of 60 cm requires a certain financial investment. But the low production cost makes it quickly profitable for its DTF printing system.

Manutech-Print provides a selection of the best DTF printers.

The DTF printers selected by Manutech-Print combine reliability, professional quality and high productivity. They easily manage large production runs.

Unlike direct-to-garment or DTG digital printing, DTF printers remain less expensive. In addition, it does not use any pretreatment for dark cotton. To achieve quality results, this textile printing line uses DTF powder and DTF transfer film roll, and of course, DTF ink.

DTF printing or DTG printing? Which is the most profitable?

DTF or direct to film printing and DTG or direct to garment printing are the very popular textiles printing techniques in the field of textile personnalisation. But which is the most profitable?

It completely depends on your type of clientele, your production needs and of course your budget.

DTF printing makes it possible to manage from minor orders to massive series. The durable prints attach to the vast majority of textiles.

DTG printing offers the possibility of making textile customisation individually or in medium series. This remains an economical and fast process for more complex design series. This process additionally requires the use of a pre-treatment for t-shirts and only marks on textiles made of cotton or with a significant percentage of cotton.


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