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GTX optimised DTG pretreat. Concentrated Version or Ready To Use for Innobella inks.


Discover the ideal solution for superior DTG printing with concentrated pretreat optimised for Brother GTX. Specially formulated for dark cotton and Innobella ink, it ensures better adhesion of the ink for your textile personalisation.

For exemple : The 20 litres pretreat Dark Cotton concentrated formula, designed to optimise the performance of Brother GTX series printers, allows you to obtain up to 80 litres of ready-to-use product after diluting with demineralised water.

Thanks to its concentrated formulation, DTG by SK Color pretreatment significantly reduces transport costs. With a weight of only 30 kg for the concentrated product, you save on delivery costs compared to the 92 kg needed for the same quantity of ready-to-use product. This logistics efficiency results in significant cost reductions for your business.

Packaging available for GTX optimised DTG pretreat  on request.

Each textile printing company has specific needs depending on its production or its specific type of clientele. This is why we offer different options, suitable for all production sizes.

20 litres can - Ready-to-use formula: Suitable for medium-sized businesses. An ideal solution to maintain regular production without the need to mix or dilute the product.

20 litres can - 1:3 concentrated formula : To dilute with demineralised or osmosis water to obtain 80 liters of ready-to-use pretreatment.

200 litre drum - Ready-to-use formula: Designed for large-scale operations. This format minimises production costs and optimises workflow.

200 litres drum - 1:3 concentrated formula: This economical option allows the contents to be diluted to obtain up to 800 litres of ready-to-use product. It is an ideal solution for businesses looking to appreciably reduce shipping and storage costs.

For any orders or to discuss the best option for your specific business, please contact us. We are here to help you select the pretreatment solution that best suits your DTG printing needs.

The essential benefits of Dark Cotton pretreat optimised for Brother GTX.

Without streaks or residue: one of the main advantages of the GTX version pretreatment is its ability to integrate perfectly into the textile without leaving marks or residue.

Odourless formula: thus improves working comfort and allows use in various environments.

Consistency and reliability: Each can of our pretreatment offers the same quality. This allows you to plan your productions without worrying about quality variations. Essential for meeting deadlines and customer expectations.

Eco-friendly: Our pretreatment is designed to be environmentally friendly. This approach supports your company’s sustainability initiatives, an increasingly important criterion for consumers and business partners.

A special DTG pretreat formula for Brother Innobella inks.

Innobella inks are known for their extraordinary brilliance, wide colour gamut and superior wash resistance. To fully exploit these advantages, appropriate pretreatment is essential. Our solution ensures optimal textile preparation. The adhesion of the ink gives you faithful and long-lasting reproduction of shades on t-shirts and sweatshirts.

  • Pretreatment for Brother GTX / GTX Pro Bulk ;
  • Pre-treatment liquid for GTX PRO ;
  • Pretreatment for GTX PRO BULK printer ;
  • Precoating optimised for Brother GTX 600.

A pretreat for DTG printing compatible with alls Brother GTX inks.

Our DTG pretreat by SK Color for Dark Cotton, has been specifically developed to work optimally with Innobella inks. It offers a soft touch, without the rigid effect.

  • Innobella inks, designed for Brother printers. These DTG inks guarantee sharp detail and remarkable resistance to washing.
  • Colour optimisation: Improves vibrance and saturation of hues on dark cotton.
  • Improved Print Resolution: Allows increased precision, essential for fine details and subtle gradients.
  • Increased durability: increases the excellent resistance of prints to repeated washing and ensures the remarkable longevity of printed products.

Tips for using Dark Cotton pretreatment optimised for GTX series printers

Follow these tips for using our Dark Cotton pretreatment for the Brother GTX series.

Our concentrated pretreatment is diluted with demineralised or reverse osmosis water to obtain a ready-to-use product. The recommended ratio is 1 volume of pretreatment to 3 volumes of water.

This dilution ensures that the liquid acts effectively on the textile.

Before launching into full production, perform tests to define the appropriate dosage of pretreatment for your fabric and ink specifications.

This will allow you to adjust the amount of product needed to achieve the best custom printing results.

After using Brother Ink Pretreat, be sure to dry the garment completely before printing. Adequate drying is essential to fix the pretreatment in the textile fibres.

For a clean and precise print, it is essential to smooth the t-shirt or textile before printing. This step eliminates wrinkles and allows for even application of ink over the entire printed area.

Testing Pretreatment Liquid for Brother GTX Pro Bulk or GTX 600.

Conducting pretreatment tests allows you to optimise the use of the product to achieve the best possible results on various types of textiles. These tests also help in determining a precise dosage, significantly reducing the volume of DTG pretreatment for Brother printers. This can lead to real savings by lowering your production costs.

Preparation for Tests

Before starting, ensure that the t-shirts or hoodies to be tested are clean and free of any substances that could affect the absorption of the pretreatment for GTX series. This includes stains, dust, and other residues.

Application of Pretreatment for Brother DTG

Apply the recommended amount of pretreatment to a small section of the t-shirt. Use different volumes to test the saturation and absorption effect of the ink on the textile.

Drying GTX optimised DTG pretreat

After applying the Brother DTG pretreatment op, the textile must be completely dried. Preferably use a Chiossi e Cavazzuti drying tunnel. For manual drying, use a heat press set to an appropriate temperature, usually around 170-180 degrees Celsius, for 30 seconds, and repeat if necessary.

Test Printing GTX optimised pretreat.

Observe the details, quality, colour vibrancy, and how the ink adheres to the t-shirt.


Examine the print results to determine the optimal level of pretreatment needed. Look for uniform and vibrant colours without any ink bleeding. Adjust the pretreatment quantities and repeat the test if required.

Record and keep the results of your tests, including the amounts of pretreatment used, drying parameters, and observations of your prints. This will help standardise the process for future productions and ensure consistent quality.


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