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Pretreatment DTG Light Cotton 20L | SK

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Increase holding inks on textile clear and the speed of your DTG printing, with SK Light Cotton 20L DTG pretreatment OEKO-TEX®.


The Light Cotton 20L DTG pretreatment from SK Printing Supplies, Improves the quality of your digital prints on light cotton. Gain printing speed, optimize the work of your DTG printer.

When you print on demand on clear garments, it doesn't necessarily require a DTG preprocessing solution. The direct to garment pretreament supplies Light Cotton 20L, will transform your review.

Thanks to its spraying, a layer is deposited to fix the ink of your DTG printer on the surface. It will thus not penetrate too completely into the fiber of your garment to be customised.

This DTG pretreatment OEKO-TEX® layer also saves you printing speed while maximizing print quality with more vivid colors. Your digital prints last longer. An irreproachable finish that will satisfy your customers.

Take advantage of the many advantages of the pre-treatment range of Universal DTG Light Cotton SK printing consumables :

   -   Increase the quality of your DTG prints.

   -   Fixes ink on the surface, limiting the amount to be used.

   -   Ease of use, spray, dry then smooth the clothes.

   -   Limit the ink from penetrating deep into the cotton fiber.

   -   Faster, cleaner prints on clear t-shirts.

   -   Make colors more vivid.

   -   Prints last longer on light fabrics.

   -   Excellent resistance to washing.

   -   Universal pretreatment with all DTG systems except Kornit® machines:

           Brother GTX / GTX Pro / GTX 600 ;

           Epson F2200 / F2100 / F3000 Series ;

           Ricoh series: Ri 1000 / Ri 2000 / Ri 6000 ;



  • OEKO-TEX DTG Pretreatment - ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX® is an independent certification system for chemicals, colourants and auxiliaries used in the textile and leather industry.

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