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DTG Pretreat Dark Cotton 200L | SK Pretreat

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€1,600.00 Tax excluded €2,400.00

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Volume of 200 liters at exceptional price of DTG Universal Dark Cotton SK pretreatment. OEKO-TEX®.


The new range of DTG printer pretreatment solution from SK Printing Supplies is coming to your company!

We deliver throughout Continental Europe. Please ask us for delivery terms, right to your business doorstep.

The 200 liter packs of SK Screen Printing Supplies Dark Cotton Liquid Pretreatment DTG gives you a good deal. Save €600 HT on the original price, on this good quality product.

Its application is simple, the SK Dark Cotton DTG Universal pretreatment is ready to be used on your clothes to be personalized. Spray Digital to Garment pretreatment on the location of your digital prints. Then place in the tunnel dryer then smooth it with a heat press machine. Note that the product leaves no visible traces or deposits.

White ink can now set very easily. Then your other colors will apply just as quickly, for a good quality print.

Benefit from the multiple advantages of the DTG Dark Cotton pretreatment solution:

   -   Ready to Use : No Dilution needed.

   -   Don't leave any marks and does not stain dark textiles.

   -   Its unique formula prevents the creation of residues or deposits.

   -   Well sprayed, it optimizes the marking of the DTG printer and offers a retail finish.

   -   A price defying all competition.

   -   Spray less DTG pretreatment on dark cotton with better result.

   -   Good washing resistance.

   -   Low odor during spraying.  

   -   Universal, it can be used with all brands of DTG systems and different inks except Kornit®.

  •            All Ricoh series: Ri 1000 / Ri 2000 / Ri 6000;
  •            Brother GTX / GTX Pro / GT Series;
  •            Epson F2000 / F2100 / F3000 Series;
  •            Polyprint;
  •            To test Aeoon.

   -   Packaging 5L, 20L et 200L.


  • OEKO-TEX DTG Pretreatment - ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX® is an independent certification system for chemicals, colourants and auxiliaries used in the textile and leather industry.

  • SDS Pretreatment Dark Cotton - SDS - DTG Pretreatment - Dark Cotton - SK