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Water-based Plastisol Ink Degrader / Cleaner PLASTI DGR | SK

  • Reference: PLASTIDGR1L

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Powerful, solvent-free, water-based plastisol ink degrader. Plasti DGR SK more respectful for printer's health, the environment


Water-based, solvent-free Platisol Ink Degrader / Cleaner. Plasti DGR by SK effectively removes plastisol ink from your screen. This product is specially designed to remove ink, without damaging your silk screen printing.

A more environmentally friendly, solvent-free, powerful cleaner.

Solvent-free, SK PLASTI DGR does not emit harmful odours or vapours. The operator can therefore use it without a specific ventilation system. This water-based product also preserves the environment.

Benefits of PLASTI DGR plastisol ink degrader.

  • Effectively removes plastisol ink;
  • Eliminate the layer of grease;
  • Odourless and toxic vapor free;
  • Don't require specific ventilation;
  • Improve the operator's working conditions;
  • More environmentally friendly;
  • Require a filtration system, to process the ink;
  • Store between 5°C and 30°C.

How do you remove ink from screen printing?

This silkscreen product is designed to clean plastisol ink off screen with water. It acts as plastisol ink degrader and cleaner for easy removal of plastisol ink without needing traditional solvent.

Cleaning the screen isn't the most pleasant task. However, it is still necessary to produce quality prints.

After completing a screen printing design, whether at the end of the day or when a print job is complete, the silk screen printing should be properly cleaned.

Otherwise, it will be more difficult to completely remove leftover ink that can damage the screen and compromise future textile prints.

Using plastisol ink cleaner, PLASTI DGR from SK, makes your job easier with its efficiency, ease of use and no dangerous vapours. Here are the steps for effective use:

  • Scrape off the excess screen printing ink, then put it back in its pot;
  • Humidify your screen printing;
  • Spray PLASTI DGR directly on the plastisol ink;
  • Scrub the two sides of your screen with a sponge;
  • Rinse with pressurised water.



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