• Screen Printing emulsion in format 5 L with diazo | Manutech-Print
  • Screen Printing emulsion in format 5 L with diazo | Manutech-Print
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Screen Printing Emulsion 5 L

  • Reference: EmulPlastiST5L

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Screen printing emulsion in format 5 L. Screen printing emulsion with diazo. Ideal for screen preparation. Easy to use.


Screen Printing emulsion in 5 litre containers. The screen printing emulsion is suitable for the preparation of the screen before exposure. The latter makes it possible to obtain stencils that respect the quality of the visuals. This aqueous emulsion contains 34% solid content. It mixes with the sensitising diazo powder included with the product. The diazo emulsion is resistant to sometimes abrasive textile ink.

Application of Standard Plastisol Emulsion for Screen Printing :

The photosensitive emulsion for plastisol ink is used to fill the meshes of the screen printing screen. This essential step prepares your screen to make your stencil. Plastisol ink emulsion has high print resistance.

Characteristics of the Photosensitive Emulsion for Plastisol Ink :

  • Emulsion to be mixed with diazo powder ;
  • Standard emulsion easy to apply ;
  • Exceptional durability ;
  • High viscosity screen printing emulsion ;
  • The non-sensitized emulsion can be conserved for 1 year at the 25°C maximum ;
  • The emulsion sensitised with diazo can be kept for about 4 weeks at 20°C and reach a maximum time of 90 days at 5°C ;
  • Good definition, resolution and print resistance of the standard plastisol emulsion.

Instructions for using Screen Printing Emulsion with sensitizer diazo:

The standard plastisol emulsion and its diazo sensitiser.

For emulsion sensitisation, please follow these tips:

First, add the powdered diazo sensitiser directly into the screen printing emulsion.

Mix it thoroughly for several minutes until the sensitiser is completely dissolved.

Finally, let stand in the dark, about an hour with the lid half open. This step lets out the air bubbles formed during the mixing.

Dry the silkscreen horizontally in a ventilated cabinet, at 30-40°C for 40-60 minutes depending on the thickness.

For effective cleaning of your screen printing screen, use a dip tank containing Easiway Supra. Let the frame soak for a few minutes. The cleaning solution will remove the emulsion. Rinse with water.

Photosensitivity: The emulsion contains photosensitive substances, such as diazo, that react to ultraviolet light. This means that certain parts of the emulsion will harden when exposed to light, while others remain water-soluble.

Application on the silkscreen: The emulsion is applied to the screen using a squeegee or spatula. It is spread evenly over the screen surface, creating a thin and uniform layer.

drying under light exposure: After application to the screen, the emulsion is exposed to ultraviolet light through a transparent film containing the design to be printed. The exposed parts harden, while the unexposed parts remain water-soluble.

Washing to reveal the design: Once the emulsion is exposed, the screen is washed with water. The parts of the emulsion that have not hardened dissolve, revealing the design on the screen.

Is it necessary to add diazo to Plastisol Standard Emulsion ?

Yes, the standard plastisol ink emulsion needs to be sensitised with diazo.

The screen printing emulsion becomes photosensitive once the diazo is added.

When diazo is mixed into the emulsion, the emulsion can be stored for 30 days at 20 degrees.

In addition, if the emulsion is stored at 5 degrees, the shelf life can be up to 90 days.

The emulsion should be stored in a dark place and in a well-sealed package for optimal shelf life.

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