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  • Special black screen printing ink 1L for film | Manutech-Print
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Special Black Screen Printing Ink 1L for Film positives

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Premium quality special black screen printing ink 1L with high opacity for use with screen printing films. Attractive price !


Print a high quality screen print. The anti-uv formula of the special black screen printing ink, gives a high opacity, as well as a high density. In addition to its excellent characteristics, its competitive price lowers your printing costs. 

This special black screen printing ink creating positive films contains anti-UV pigments rather than the dyes found in conventional inks. These pigments completely absorb the UV rays from your exposure frame, compared to dye-based inks (inkjet).

Thanks to its performance, you can expose your screens for an optimal period of time. All this without worrying about light penetration causing the emulsion to harden in unwanted areas. By obtaining quality screen printing screens, screen printing will be easier to achieve, with a beautiful finish.

Our advice on our special black screen printing ink for positive film :

Use a specific printer like our Epson screen printer model. We convert it specifically for positive film printing. It only has high opacity screen printing ink cartridges. Increase speed, print quality and lower your production costs.

Use in combination with our screen printing inkjet films for best results.

Features of our high opacity ink for film screen printing :

This ink allows ink cartridges to be refilled for printing on film.

Compatible with universal printers (inkjet printers such as Epson SC 4450, 4800 series and above).

  • Fast drying on most PET transfer films;
  • Maximum opacity and density of black ink for films;
  • Dye-based ink for optimum compatibility with screen printing films;
  • Excellent ink retention.

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