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Printhead data cable I3200-A1

  • Reference: DataI3200

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Printhead data cable I3200-A1 for DTF printer.


Printhead data cable I3200-A1 and 4720 provides optimal connectivity to your DTF printer.

Perform excellent quality DTF transfers, ensuring reliable and fast data transfer.

The data cable is compatible with DTF printers which use Epson I3200-A1 or 4720 printheads.

Function of data cable for Epson I3200 printhead.

The I3200 or 4720 printhead data cable is an important DTF spare part for a DTF printer.

This is a component that provides connectivity between the Epson I3200 or 4720 printhead, to the DTF printer's motherboard.

Its essential function is to transmit print data quickly. The I3200 Printhead data cable thus guarantees smooth communication between the printhead and the entire printing system.

With this DTF printer data cable, information is transmitted efficiently, ensuring fast and uninterrupted DTF printing.

I3200 Data Cable Compatibility for DTF Printers.

The I3200 data cable is suitable for use with all major direct to film printers using Epson I3200 and 4720 printheads.

It is designed to easily connect to DTF printers from various manufacturers including Audley, Mycolor, Oric and Haiya.

The I3200 data cable provides reliable compatibility and optimal performance for your DTF printer.

How to change a data cable for I3200-A1.

The I3200-A1 printhead data cable is easily replaced.

Start by turning off your DTF printing system.

Next, locate the damaged data cable. The Data Cable DTF connects the printhead to the motherboard.

Carefully disconnect the cable ends.

Our advice, when you change several data cables of your DTF printer, mark with a marker the ends of the cable to reconnect it to the correct connection. Before dismantling, take a picture of your installation.

To insert the DTF spare part, connect it securely to the 4720 printheads and motherboard. Make sure the connections are firmly seated and visually check the cable is in the correct socket.

Turn on the DTF printer and test that your connections are working correctly.