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  • i3200 printhead damper, DTF spares part | Manutech-Print
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i3200 Printhead Damper

  • Reference: DampI3200

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Damper for I3200 printhead on DTF printer.


The I3200 printhead damper is suitable for any DTF printer using Epson i3200 or 4720 printheads.

The I3200 or 4720 printhead dampers have an essential function in DTF ink circulation, pressure and air filtration.

This DTF spares part ensures optimal performance of the Epson I3200-A1 printhead.

We advise you to replace them regularly, at least once a year.

Function and role of the damper for I3200/4720.

The damper for DTF printer ensures the circulation of DTF ink in the best conditions, very fluid and without air residue. It significantly reduces the risk of clogging the DTF printhead.

Its main function is to stabilise the DTF ink pressure in the system. Thanks to its design, the damper eliminates pressure fluctuations.

It ensures a steady flow of ink to the I3200-A1 printhead. Plus, it removes the trapped air that is in DTF ink. This avoids the problems of clogging or the formation of air bubbles during the printing of the textile transfer.

Replace it regularly, to optimise the print quality as much as possible and also to extend the life of the Epson 4720 or I3200 printheads.

Damper for DTF printers using Epson I3200 printheads.

The I3200 damper is suitable for all DTF printers using the Epson I3200 or 4720 printhead. It is compatible with renowned brands like Audley, Mycolor, and many others.

If you have a Direct-To-Film printer equipped with an Epson I3200 or 4720 printhead, this DTF ink damper is the ideal solution. It maintains the print quality and optimal performance of your Direct-To-Film printer.

How to replace a damper for I3200-A1.

Replacing a damper for I3200-A1 is a relatively simple procedure. You can do it, without calling in a specialised technician.

Before you start, make sure the replacement Epson I3200-A1 printhead damper is compatible.

Turn off the DTF printer. Locate the dampers to be replaced, usually located between the ink tanks, at the level of the printheads.

Carefully remove the tubes and fasteners from the old damper. Replace it with a new damper 4720 for DTF ink.

Finally, plug the printer back in and test. Carefully check your ink flow and print quality.