• Schulze Pretreatmaker IV best DTG pretreatment machine | Manutech-Print
  • Schulze Pretreatmaker IV best DTG pretreatment machine | Manutech-Print
  • Schulze Pretreatmaker IV best DTG pretreatment machine | Manutech-Print
  • Schulze Pretreatmaker IV best DTG pretreatment machine | Manutech-Print
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Schulze Pretreatmaker IV | DTG pretreatment machine

  • Reference: PretreatmakerIV

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Used DTG pretreatment machine Schulze Pretreatmaker IV recommended by Brother and Epson. The best on the market.


The Schulze PRETREATmaker IV is a high-end German-designed automatic pretreatment system. It is intended for experienced textile printers who wish to increase their production capacity with a high level of results.

The best machine on the market. Direct-To-garment pre-treatment machine recommended by major manufacturers such as Epson or Brother.

Used DTG pretreatment machine, Schulze Pretreatmaker IV

Used DTG pretreatment machine, Schulze Pretreatmaker IV and this starter kit included

Optional supplies to get started :

  • 5 liters of SK pretreatment for dark cotton
  • Ultrasonic cleaning machine for DTG pre-treatment nozzles
  • Maintenance liquid 0.25 liters
  • Distilled water 5 liters

Year: 2019

Excellent condition, works perfectly

To be collected from Bègles 33130 France or possibility of having it delivered. Please send us a request for pricing and delivery date.

The advantages of the Schulze Pretreatmaker IV pretreatment machine

The PRETREATmaker IV is equipped with a polyphase (stepping) motor and four high precision nozzles which can be individually controlled by the operator with a maximum spray area of 40cm wide by 60cm in length.

Ease of use: The touch screen provides the operator with essential and economical information such as:

The amount of pretreatment solution used;

The condition of all nozzles in the system and whether they are operating efficiently;

Pre-treatment fluid levels and more.

The spray surface of the DTG pretreatment liquid can be adjusted by turning on or off the four individual nozzles, providing a minimum spray width of 12cm, making it perfect for small garments, sleeves or pocket prints while reducing to the maximum the waste.

The operator can adjust the nozzle for uni or bi-directional spraying and the spray output can also be adjusted with the speed of the carriage.

The PRETREATmaker IV has an additional filter which traps dirt from the pump and tubes. This minimizes the clogging of the nozzles by deposit inside the system.

This DTG pretreatment machine has an automatic cleaning function. It prevents the nozzles from clogging during daily operation.

Unlike other automatic pretreatment machines, the unit is equipped with a switching valve. It allows the operator to easily switch between two different pre-treatment fluids.

The PRETREATmaker IV also has an open source interface. It can be connected directly to your existing sales order system, to your print workflow software or using barcode technology. This simplifies and speeds up production.

Technical characteristics Schulze Pretreatmaker IV: 

  • Spray area: L 40cm x W 60cm
  • Nozzles: 4 brass pretreatment
  • Adjustment in Width and Length at 2 cm intervals
  • Spray path: uni / bidirectional
  • Spray method: Nozzles move on the table (indoors)
  • Touchpad-Display: Yes
  • Save position 5
  • Pumps: 2
  • tanks: 1x 10 L / 3x 5 L
  • Automatic nozzle cleaning
  • Automatic pump cleaning
  • High-end filter in the trolley
  • Cleaning the outside of the nozzle
  • Barcode interface
  • Waste tank
  • Multilingual menu
  • Metric / inch
  • Super user function
  • Dimension T 90 x L 72 x H 48 cm
  • Transport dimension T 95 x L 80 x H 61 cm
  • Weight 70 kg
  • Transport: 90 kg
  • 220/230 or 110/120 VAC connection
  • Consumption 150 W.
  • Precoat pump at approx. Operating pressure. 5.5 bars
  • Water pumps at approx. Operating pressure. 7 bars

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