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  • Brother GTX / GTX Pro Printhead for DTG printer | Manutech-Print
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Brother GTX / GTX Pro Printhead

  • Reference: PHGTXR

€900.00 Tax excluded

On sale for international. Please contact us for quotation.

Brother GTX / GTX Pro printhead. Choice: New product or Refurbished.


Printhead for GTX printers (colours and white), for Brother GTX Pro and GTX Pro Bulk (colours). Order either a new Brother GTX / GTX Pro print head or a reconditioned print head for Brother DTG printer on Manutech-Print.


Get €100 off a Brother GTX / GTX Pro refurbished printhead. In exchange, send us a defective printhead of identical reference.


Refurbishment process of a Brother GTX printhead.

Save 30% and extend the life of your DTG printer for less with a refurbished Brother GTX printhead. OEM branded, second hand printheads are deep cleaned and tested.

Manutech-Print delivers it to you in its original box, free of textile ink, with the nozzle test.

Manutech-Print refurbishes printhead for printer Brother GTX/GTX Pro. A meticulous process of several hours that brings a second life to Brother printheads. We use a station that works with a special, powerful cleaning fluid. This special cleaning solution circulates through the Brother GTX printhead in both directions. Here are the steps:

  • Continuous circulation of the special liquid, filtration of impurities and treatment by ultrasound;
  • Each cycle lasts several hours;
  • Between each process, a nozzle test is carried out and the operation repeated if necessary;
  • Replacement of defective components;
  • Cleaning of all parts of the Brother DTG printhead;
  • Control, test and repair of electronic components;
  • Once the refurbishment of the used Brother printhead is successful, we start the final test, we clean it to remove all the ink from the tests. It is neatly stored in its original box, ready for installation.

Difference between a refurbished Brother GTX printhead and a new one.

A reconditioned Brother GTX printhead don't make it new product. However, it prolongs its lifespan. Manutech-Print cleans completely, unclogs and we change components if necessary.

Of course, if the nozzles are clogged when the DTG printer has had really little use, it recovers full life,

To ensure excellent quality, we test Brother GTX/GTX Pro printheads at every stage of the refurbishment process.

How long does a Brother GTX/GTX Pro printhead last?

The lifespan of a Brother GTX print head depends on several essential factors: The average area size of your prints, periodic cleaning of the Brother GTX print head nozzles, etc.

Generally, plan to replace them when:

Lifespan of a Brother GTX Color printhead: 50,000 to 60,000 to 100,000 prints.

Brother GTX White printhead life: Approximately 60,000 prints.

How do Brother GTX print heads clog ?

There are several reasons why the print head of a Brother GTX printer may become clogged:

Low-quality or expired direct-to-garment ink.

Using poor quality or expired DTG ink can cause clogged Brother GTX/GTX Pro nozzles. Manutech-Print recommends using OEM brand or higher quality DTG ink. Although the cost is still more expensive than other lowcost inks, it avoids textile printing defects and the regular and expensive replacement of printheads. Also remember checking the expiration date of the textile ink.

Regular maintenance of inadequate Brother GTX printheads.

If the Brother DTG Printer is properly unmaintained and cleaned regularly, the print head nozzles will clog. Several possible elements can clog the nozzles of the Brother GTX like residues of dried ink, dust or fibres from clothing.

Irregular use of the DTG printer.

A printer must work regularly. A gap of several days between each textile personnalisation can also cause problems with printheads clogging. The ink dries naturally and then forms a clog that clogs the nozzles.

Recommended working environment for DTG printing.

Changes in temperature, humidity, or other environmental conditions can equally affect printhead operation. For optimal print quality, prefer a standard temperature between 18°C and 30°C and a humidity level between 40 and 70%.

Brother GTX printhead design or manufacturing issues.

In rare cases, the printhead may be faulty or poorly designed, which can cause clogging issues.

Manutech-Print's advice: Regularly clean the two print heads of your DTG printer to maintain print quality and extend the life of the DTG printer.

Brother t-shirt printer component failure.

The nozzles of the Brother GTX can clog due to a defect in the maintenance station also called capping station or a defect in a Brother wiper (GTX wiper cleaner and GTXPro).

How much does a Brother GTX (CMYKW) GTX Pro (CMYK) printhead cost?

The price of a new Brother GTX (CMYK) GTX Pro (CMYK) printhead is around €1700 excluding tax. A refurbished Brother GTX/GTX Pro printhead costs 30% less.