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Nozzle for Pretreatmaker BASIC

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Nozzle spray for Schulze Pretreatmaker BASIC.


Nozzle for Schulze Pretreatmaker Basic. It sprays your DTG precoat liquid evenly on the surface of your cotton garment in the form of a flat spray.

This nozzle for Basic Schulze PretreatMaker is ideal to pretreat your dark or light cotton textiles.

In addition, our DTG SK precoat Dark Cotton and SK Light Cotton have a smoother composition than OEM brands. This unique formula gives you the advantage of working with unclogged nozzles for a longer period of time.

We recommend that you maintain these nozzles in order to obtain optimum performance from your Schulze pretreatment machine.

Tip for using nozzles for BASIC PretreatMaker

If you are having issues with your print, it may be from your nozzle. Manutech-Print advises you to immerse them in an ultrasonic tank in the end. This removes all the impurities from the nozzles.

Also remember rinsing the spray system on your Pretreatmaker machine with hot water for best results.