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  • Rubber vacuum exposure unit blanket | Manutech-Print
  • Rubber vacuum exposure unit blanket | Manutech-Print
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Rubber vacuum exposure unit blanket

  • Reference: TapInso

€95.00 Tax excluded

Price / M² - on demand

Give your exposure unit a second life. Rubber vacuum exposure unit blanket. Price / m² and on demand.


Rubber vacuum exposure unit blanket for screen printing. Accessory for exposure unit compatible with any exposure silkscreen. Price per m² and on request depending on your device.

Optimise the exposure of your screen printing screens with our replacement rubber vacuum exposure unit blanket, designed specifically for the latest generation UV LED exposure unit. Take your screen printing process to the next level with even light distribution, ensuring professional results with every use.

Characteristics of the rubber mat for screen printing machine.

The blanket is made from high-quality rubber, providing exceptional durability to withstand the rigours of repeated exposure. By its deformation, it makes it possible to obtain complete vacuum to properly place the positive film on the screen printing screen to be exposed.

Spare part for screen printing

Designed to ensure even distribution of UV light across the entire screen surface, our mat maximises exposure quality for precise, sharp results. Spare part, or replacement component that fits all insolation frames, because it is cut to measure.

Rubber mat for adaptable screen printing UV LED exposure unit.

Suitable for a wide range of screen printing UV exposure unit, this replacement mat is compatible with many models on the market. Check the dimensions to make sure it fits your equipment. Quickly replace your worn-out carpet with our hassle-free replacement model. Simple Installation does not require any special technical expertise.

The wear-resistant material guarantees a long lifespan, providing a cost-effective solution to optimise your LED exposure machine without having to worry about frequent replacements.

How to maintain an exposure unit UV-LED?

Easy to clean and maintain, this rubber canvas compatible with any exposure frame maintains its optimal performance with minimal maintenance, allowing you to concentrate on your creative work.

How to choose the size of the rubber vacuum exposure unit blanket?

Be sure to accurately measure the surface area of your exposure unit and provide us with the dimension in your price request, to ensure a perfect fit.

Choose quality and improve your screen printing process with our replacement rubber mat blanket. Order today and discover the difference quality equipment can make to your production.