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PlastiSolv 842 On Press Cleaner

  • Reference: PlastiSolv-842-nettoyant

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PlastiSolv 842 On Press Cleaner in 5L from Easiway brand for screen printing. Dissolves ink and dries quickly. Acts quickly.


PlastiSolv 842 On Press Cleaner from Easiway brand, available in 5L format. PlastiSolv cleaner is used as a solvent for textile inks such as Plastisol. 

It is easily used to effectively remove ink from screen printing frames without dismantling the carousel. It is also used to clean the recovery area. In addition, it removes ink and dries quickly to change colors. But also for screen opening or screen mesh.

PlastiSolv 842 biodegradable ink remover :

Plastisolv textile ink remover is environmentally friendly. It is a biodegradable product. It breaks down naturally due to its unique formula. In addition, volatile organic compounds are rapidly oxidised by photochemical reactions in the air. 

In addition, the Easiway brand has an outstanding commitment to the environment. This has led to the creation of eco-friendly products while maintaining a very high level of performance. These aspects are reflected in PlastiSolv 842 cleaning solvent.

PlastiSolv 842 Ink Cleaner Features :

  • PlastiSolv solvent dries quickly. It is a safe and odourless alternative to screen print remover sprays and other hazardous solvents, hot, and flammable solvents ;
  • PlastiSolv 842 is odourless, which makes the work of the operators much more pleasant ;
  • The product does not block emulsions and photopolymer films, making recovery faster and easier ;
  • PlastiSolv 842 does not contain any hazardous substances (no TLV, no PEL), which creates a better working environment ;
  • The screen cleaning solvent is non-flammable, making it easier to handle and store ;
  • The textile ink remover can be applied manually or by recirculation through the EasiFlo system. Or in a closed, automatic screen washing system.

How do I use PlastiSolv 842 to clean the press ? 

Firstly, please scrape off any excess ink from the screen fabric. Next, apply PlastiSolv 842 with a spray bottle, pneumatic sprayer or cloth to the ink side of the screen. Leave to act for an average of 5 to 10 minutes.

Afterwards, wipe off any ink that has dissolved. Finally, reapply if necessary and wipe both sides of the screen with a cloth.

The screen will be ready for printing within a few minutes. 


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