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EasiStrip Supra One Step Ink Cleaner & Emulsion Remover

  • Reference: EasiStrip-Supra-dégravant-Dip-Tank

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EasiStrip Supra One Step Ink Cleaner & Emulsion Remover from Easiway in 5L, liquid screen printing cleaner. Biodegradable.


EasiStrip SUPRA One Step Ink Cleaner & Emulsion Remover, premium quality tray cleaner from Easiway in 5L. EasiStrip Liquid Cleaner is used to dissolve plastisol inks, remove emulsion from the screen mesh. The effectiveness of the cleaner is made possible by combining many cleaning processes into one.

Easiway's screen printing frame cleaner cleans screen printing textile screens at a lower cost over the long term. Once the degreasing tank is full, the effect of the product lasts for an average of 2 years. We recommend emptying the tank once or twice a year or every 150 frames on average.

This product is used in a DIP TANK (degreasing tank) to clean plastisol and emulsion residues from screen printing frames in one go.

Features of EasiStrip SUPRA concentrated cleaner :

  • Typically dissolves plastisol inks in 5 minutes and removes emulsion from screen printing screens ;
  • Easy to use concentrated emulsion remover ;
  • No VOCs (volatile organic compounds) ;
  • Non-flammable and odourless cleaning solution ;
  • Long shelf life ;
  • Biodegradable and safe for the operator.

EasiStrip SUPRA biodegradable cleaner :

EASISTRIP SUPRA liquid cleaner is environmentally friendly, as it is a biodegradable product. It breaks down naturally thanks to its unique formula. Moreover, the product does not emit toxic vapours. The latter can have harmful effects on the health of the screen printer and could require him to wear a respirator mask.

How to use EasiStrip SUPRA Ink Cleaner & Emulsion Remover?

With the soaking tank :

First, fill the soaking tank with a mixture (ratio 1:5) of EASISTRIP SUPRA and water. Mix them together. Then leave the frame to soak for a few minutes until the emulsion/film is released from the mesh. Then rinse it with a high pressure cleaner. From time to time, drain the contents of the tray, filtering out the emulsion residues. In order to clean the tank of ink and emulsion residues from your screen printing screen. 

Reuse the liquid until the product is saturated and no longer has any effect.

In addition, if traces remain, use the eco-friendly plastisol ink cleaner, SK's eco-friendly plasti-DGR. Or the EasySolv 701 after-degreasing product that you can find on Manutech-Print.


First of all, please apply EasiStrip SUPRA degreaser manually with wipes. Or spray it first on both sides of the screen on the side where the screen ink is located and rub it in.

Then rinse both sides of the screen with high pressure, starting with the printing side.

If stubborn stains remain, apply EasiSolv 701 Screen Wash and rinse with high pressure. Finally, please rinse the screen completely with a low pressure rinse.