• DTF curing oven A2/A3, DTF sheet curing oven | Manutech-Print
  • DTF curing oven A2/A3, DTF sheet curing oven | Manutech-Print
  • DTF curing oven A2/A3, DTF sheet curing oven | Manutech-Print
DTF curing oven A2/A3, DTF sheet curing oven | Manutech-Print zoom_in

DTF curing oven A2 / A3

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DTF curing oven A2 / A3 evenly dries DTF transfer up to A3 size. Effective and easy to use.


DTF Transfer (Direct To Film) is a recent printing technique on PET film for textile personalisation. This process is simple to efficiently implement. Only a few key steps are enough to make your markings: printing on PET film, powdering, drying and transfer with a heat press.

Fast drying DTF oven hot melt powder curing tool A2 / A3.

This DTF curing oven hardens hot melt powder up to A2 size (42 cm x 59 cm). It also accepts transfer film sizes A3 A4… and more

The DTF oven with top opening or DTF top oven has a small footprint (81 cm x 62 cm 18 cm). The DTF sheet drying oven is suitable for print on demand. It achieves perfect curing compared to that achieved with a heat transfer press.

Uniform curing of DTF powder with DTF sheet curing A2.

The stable temperature is distributed evenly and guarantees perfect melting of your DTF powder. Precise temperature control provides even drying and curing across the entire surface with no remote corners.

Its presets (adjustable) make it easy to use, principal ideal for welcoming beginners. An alarm sounds when curing is complete.

A3 / A2 curing oven for DTF transfer: Versatility.

DTF oven for sheets up to A2 format is the best option for making your DTF transfers. Ideal for starting out in the field of textile printing or to typically complete your textile printing workshop.

The easy-to-use DTF drying oven

The DTF Curing Oven is designed specifically to bake hot melt powder evenly. This intuitive machine is easy to use. Place the adhesive powder coated PET transfer film in it. Close the lid. During this time, continue printing your visuals.

The end of the curing alarm prevents you from leaving your transfer too long. Another advantage: the uniform contact heat offers excellent adhesion of the motifs. This DTF drying oven frees up your heat press to press transfers continuously.

Characteristics of the A3, A2 DTF oven

  • Curing temperature up to 180°C ;
  • DTF powder curing timer setting ;
  • An alarm sounds when curing is complete ;
  • Power supply: 20 A/220V, 1900W ;
  • Heated bed ;
  • Adjustable digital timer: 0-999 s ;
  • Dimensions: 810mm x 620mm x 180mm ;
  • Weight: 21.5kg.

Can a DTG printer be used for DTF printing?

DTG printing is still a highly appreciated printing technique thanks to its soft feel. This process makes it possible to create individual textile customisations up to a medium series.

However, DTG only works on cotton textiles. The DTF transfer can be applied to the majority of supports such as organic cotton to cotton/polyester mix.

You can easily perform DTF printing with a Brother GTX Pro printer or any other DTG printing system (except Kornit). All without changing ink, RIP and above all without having to apply DTG pre-treatment.

The main DTF compatible DTG printers.

Both DTG printing and DTF use the inkjet printing process. The only difference is that DTF or Direct-To-Film printing prints directly onto PET film. While the DTG or Direct To Garment marks directly on the garment. This similarity makes it possible to use the main DTG printing systems such as:

  • Brother GTX Pro Bulk Textile Printer ;
  • Brother GTX Pro DTG Printer ;
  • Brother GTX ;
  • Epson SureColor F3000 ; 
  • Epson SureColor F2100 ;
  • Epson SureColor F2000 ;
  • RICOH Ri 6000 ;
  • RICOH Ri 2000 ;
  • RICOH Ri 1000.

Only Kornit printers are not compatible with DTF.

How to Dry DTF Powder?

Successful drying typically gives a very smooth and shiny appearance. If your powder keeps grainy, it lacks curing. Unlike drying too long which yellows the bright white or ripples the PET transfer film.