• DTG drying cabinet Dido Pro by Chiossi e Cavazzuti | Manutech-Print
  • DTG drying cabinet Dido Pro by Chiossi e Cavazzuti | Manutech-Print
  • DTG drying cabinet Dido Pro by Chiossi e Cavazzuti | Manutech-Print
  • DTG drying cabinet Dido Pro by Chiossi e Cavazzuti | Manutech-Print
DTG drying cabinet Dido Pro by Chiossi e Cavazzuti | Manutech-Print zoom_in

DTG Drying Cabinet Dido Pro | Chiossi e Cavazzuti

  • Reference: DiDoPro

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DTG drying cabinet Dido Pro 6 drawers by Chiossi e Cavazzuti. 60 -shirts/H. Sold new and refurbished. 


The Dido Pro DTG drying cabinet by Chiossi e Cavazzuti is a drying solution for your direct-to-textile (DTG) digital printing and screen printing needs. This compact 6-drawer dryer is designed to maximise efficiency in tight spaces.

Each drawer is suitable for drying digital textile prints on a variety of personalised clothing and accessories, 60 t-shirts/h.

Principal ideal for small businesses, creative workshops or in addition, even large productions of impeccable printing on T-shirts, sweatshirts or tote bags.

Its use also reduces energy consumption. A significant advantage for professionals concerned about the environment and reducing operational costs.

Technical characteristics of the Dido Pro 6-drawer drying cabinet and benefits.

  • Production capacity: Up to 60 t-shirts per hour, 5 to 6 minutes per drawer (700 x 680 x90 mm).
  • Versatility: Ensure excellent drying of pretreatment for GTX or Epson as well as all DTG inks.
  • Precise temperature control: Maximum of 180°C, ideal for a general range of garments.
  • Compact dimensions: (1190 x 835 x 1670 mm), perfect for limited spaces.
  • Energy-efficient design: Minimise power consumption while providing excellent DTG ink drying performance.
  • Intuitive user interface: The colourful touch screen makes adjustments and monitoring of drying cycles easy.
  • Forced hot air ventilation system: Ensure even heat distribution for uniform drying of created prints.

  • Electrical requirements: 400V 3P+N+PE (option 230V 3P+PE)
  • Current: 14 A
  • Power: 9 kW
  • Maximum operating temperature: 180°C
  • Smoke evacuation specifications: 60 m³/h — ø 80 mm
  • Internal drawer dimensions: 700x680x90 mm
  • Number of drawers: 6 independants
  • Dimensions: 1190 x 835 x h1670 mm
  • Weight: 300 kg

Compatibility with major DTG printers like Brother GTX, Epson F.

The Dido Pro Chiossi & Cavazzuti electric dryer is compatible with a range of DTG printers.

It is peculiarly adapted to models like the Brother GTX Pro or GTX printer, known for their performance in direct-to-garment printing.

In addition, this dryer for digital textile printing is also compatible with the Epson F2200 or the Polyprint printer.

Applications of the Chiossi & Cavazzuti 6-drawer drying cabinet

The Dido Pro drying cabinet is designed to efficiently dry DTG pretreat for GTX as well as DTG inks.

Two important steps to getting quality prints on a T-shirt or hoodie.

Each drawer is independent. You can select a different drying time and temperature for each.

The constant and precise temperatures ensure the preservation of colours and the quality of cotton, even delicate.

Hot air is distributed evenly. So each polo shirt or hoodie comes out completely dry.

Principal advantages of the 6 drawer textile oven Chiossi e Cavazzuti.

The Dido Pro drying cabinet offers an advantage in terms of dimensions.

Compared to traditional DTG drying conveyors, its compact size makes it ideal for workshops with limited space. This compactness represents a considerable advantage for small businesses looking to optimise their workspace.

With its six drawers, you can adapt it into limited spaces without compromising your production capacity.

DTG printing professionals will find in the Dido Pro an efficient solution, which maximises space while offering exceptional quality DTG or ink pretreatment drying performance.

Difference between Dido Shop and Dido Pro.

The Dido Shop and the Dido Pro are two flagship models from the Chiossi e Cavazzuti brand, designed to meet different needs.

The Dido Shop is ideal for limited productions or workshops with modest volume.Capable of processing up to 30 garments per hour.

The Dido Pro offers a more considerable capacity, processing around 60 garments per hour.

Dido Pro drying cabinet by Chiossi & Cavazzuti second hand/used

Opt for a durable and economical solution with the second-hand and inexpensive Dido Pro drying cabinet. This model, recognized for its performance and reliability, constitutes an excellent investment for workshops that want to optimise their space and reduce costs.

The refurbished Dido Pro promises optimal drying quality. With a capacity to process 60 t-shirts per hour, thanks to its six independent drawers and its precise temperature control system up to 180°C.

The used Dido Pro's intuitive user interface and compact design make it ideal for small spaces, while ensuring uniform and efficient drying of DTG inks and DTG pretreatments.

For MTP, selecting a used model does not mean compromising quality. Each DTG dryer is designed to provide durability and energy efficiency. Take advantage of cutting-edge technology from Chiossi and Cavazzuti at a reduced cost and contribute to the sustainability of your textile printing workshop.