• Polyprint PreTreater Pro, DTG pretreatment machine | Manutech-Print
  • Polyprint PreTreater Pro, DTG pretreatment machine | Manutech-Print
  • Polyprint PreTreater Pro, DTG pretreatment machine | Manutech-Print
  • Polyprint PreTreater Pro, DTG pretreatment machine | Manutech-Print
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Polyprint PreTreater Pro | DTG pretreatment machine

  • Reference: PretreaterPro

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DTG pretreatment machine DTG, POLYPRINT Pretreater Pro. Used DTG machine, good condition, year : 2021. Easy to use, robust.


Used Polyprint Pretreater Pro pretreatment machine. DTG machine for applying pretreatment fluid to cotton garments. This pretreatment machine is used before marking with a textile printer like the Brother GTX Pro Bulk (DTG) or the Epson F3000 or F2200 series.

  • Second-hand pretreat machine, revised and tested.
  • Year: 2021.
  • Very good condition.

The PreTreater Pro is a high-end, automatic pretreatment machine manufactured by Polyprint. With 20 years of experience in the manufacture of DTG printing systems, Polyprint is positioned among the leaders and experts in the textile personalisation market.

The Pretreater Pro pretreatment machine benefits from the latest technologies focused on quality, ease of use and speed of execution. This DTG machine offers great control of use and production costs.

Save time and money with this equipment which allows you to perfectly adjust the application area and the quantity of liquid to be deposited.

DTG Pretreat machine Polyprint: The excellent quality of the components.

The reconditioned PreTreater Pro has 4 flat nozzles with a diameter of 0.53 mm each, with a spray angle of 80º. The speed of 300 ml/min at 4 bar pressure evenly sprays the textile pretreatment solution.

The pressure regulator allows the nozzles to spray the DTG liquid continuously and evenly.

Its liquid self-circulation system prevents sedimentation of the pretreat.

Innovative design that prevents air bubbles from forming in the inlet tubes.

Easy to use.

To preserve your DTG machine, use SK Color's universal DTG pretreat solution Dark or Light Cotton. Its more fluid formula prevents the creation of clogs in the DTG liquid circulation system.

The main advantages of the used PreTreater Pro pretreatment machine.

  • Direct control and operation of the system ;
  • 5 default settings to use and 10 spaces to save custom combinations ;
  • Pretreatment Liquid Consumption Calculator ;
  • Notification/alarm system ;
  • Easy access to the compartment which has 4  5 litre tanks (2 pre-treatments, 1 cleaner and 1 waste) ;
  • Simplicity of tanks filling ;
  • No need to shake inlet tanks ;
  • Automatic tank monitoring ;
  • Resource Optimisation ;
  • Customise the spray area as needed without wasting supplies ;
  • Automatic maintenance every 30 minutes without manual action or interference in production ;
  • Automatic loading and unloading of pretreatment and cleaning liquids.

With the used PreTreater Pro, control your production costs.

Reduce excess pretreatment liquid by precisely spraying the selected surface of the t-shirt or hoodie. this MAX SPRAY AREA 41x60.

Choose the proper dosage of pretreatment liquid, thus avoiding overconsumption and also the famous “halo” effect.

Spray the liquid for DTG printing only on the surface to be personalised thanks to the many adjustments, this MAX SPRAY AREA 41 cm x 60 cm.

Minimise waste when changing from Epson or Brother GTX Pro B pretreat.

The circulation system has different tubes for each tank. This significantly reduces wastage of pretreatment liquid during maintenance or changing DTG pretreatment type.

The insulation box absorbs the fog generated during the pre-treatment phase of the garment. The removable drawer and PVC table make cleaning the DTG pretreatment booth easy.

Easily control your production with the refurbished Polyprint PreTreater Pro.

An 18 cm digital pad allows you to manage the continuous system and its multiple settings. Automate your workflow with 5 pre-selected options, 10 custom presets and the 'Scan to Treat' barcode automation feature.

Analyse your production with work and consumption sensors. See exactly how many garments have been treated, and how much DTG pretreat coatings have been sprayed.

The USED PreTreater Pro informs you who DTG pretreatment fluid is being used. Plus, it signals you when the fluid level is low. The DTG pretreatment booth alerts you to certain “user” errors.

Polyprint Pretreater Pro: simplified maintenance.

Independent tubes are automatically loaded and unloaded. They ensure the proper amount of pretreatment liquid from the first to the last t-shirt. Nozzles flush every 30 minutes of inactivity to stay ready for your next job.

Three washable filters protect the system from blocking residue and the replaceable 5 litre tanks stay sealed. They reduce the risk of dust or blockages entering the system.

Why use textile pretreatment for DTG printing?

SK Color's universal Dark Cotton pretreatment is used when using white ink and on dark t-shirts. It precisely fixes the ink of the Brother Pro Bulk and GTX Pro or Epson digital textile printer.

The pretreat solution for light cotton, Light Cotton, makes the print more vivid and shiny. It additionally offers excellent washing resistance.

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