• Film Positive Printer for Screen Printing EPSON T3200 | Manutech-Print
  • Film Positive Printer for Screen Printing EPSON T3200 | Manutech-Print
  • Film Positive Printer for Screen Printing EPSON T3200 | Manutech-Print
  • Film Positive Printer for Screen Printing EPSON T3200 | Manutech-Print
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Film Positive Printer for Screen Printing | EPSON SC T3200

  • Reference: ImpT3200

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Epson T3200 screen printing film printer. Epson refurbished and modified for printing large format screen printing positive film.


Epson T3200 large format screen printing positive film printer. Discover the refurbished and modified Epson SC T3200 printer for the production of screen printing transparencies. It has a large inking system with 5 ink tanks of 700 ml. Each cartridge contains precisely special high opacity black screen printing ink.

Advantages of the Epson printer, for printing film positive screen printing

The used and modified Epson for screen printing quickly prints up to 60 cm wide. It is easy to use. The original RIP software is suitable for printing stencils. Its large ink tank system considerably reduces the cost of printing.

The special screen printing pack includes :

  • The Epson SC T3200 screen printing printer;
  • Its support on wheels;
  • 1 Roll of Film 61cm x 33m;
  • 2 litres of special black ink for screen printing (already loaded in the machine);
  • 0.5 litre of cleaning fluid (already charged in the Black Matte MK cartridge);
  • 5 refillable cartridges of 700 ml;
  • A small funnel to refill the printing ink;
  • Power cable;
  • USB cable;
  • Epson T3200 Installation and User's Guide.

Epson T3200 printer kit for screen printing transparencies.

The Epson SureColor T-Series printer precious is an excellent machine for screen printers looking to efficiently produce excellent quality, dense black artwork. The Epson screen printing inkjet film printer comes with its stand and supplies.

High opacity black ink for screen printing transparencies.

This printer, converted for screen printing, comes with 2 litres of high-density black ink for positive film. It has precisely excellent UV blocking characteristics when insolating your precise image. Its performance helps avoid pinholes that can ordinarily occur with conventional ink.

Inkjet film for screen printing

The used Epson T3200 prints visuals up to 60 cm wide. The film for artwork with inkjet has excellent ink keeping for even faster printing.

Essential features of the Epson T-series screen printer.

Print screen printing transparencies, durable and opaque. Typically enjoy excellent quality up to 65 lpi with high UV opacity with exceptional black density. Additional features of the Epson SC T-3200 screen printing stencil include :

  • Rugged, solid design for consistent and precise high-speed operation;
  • Exceptional clarity and sharpness;
  • Unprecedented black density, with our special opaque screen printing ink;
  • Range of high capacity individual ink cartridges adapted to your production volumes;
  • Convenient operation with front-loading consumables;
  • Cost effectively, with low energy and ink consumption;
  • Intuitive 2.7-inch LED control panel with built-in help, control button and LED warning;
  • Compact configuration.

What is a screen printing positive film ?

A positive screen printing film is the basis for the success of your textile personalisation. This is the first essential step in typically making screen printing screens. Transparencies are the printing of a visual with opaque black ink on a transparent screen printing film. This black visual serves as a stencil or mask in the screen printing process.

How to print transparency in screen printing ?

Printing transparency for screen printing is relatively simple. With the Epson T3200, print large format screen printing, easily, quickly, while reducing your manufacturing costs. Screen printing stencil manufacturing steps:

Preparing your file: utilise software like Photoshop to get full blacks. Remember saving with a transparent background.

Launch your impression on the refurbished Epson T3200. The original RIP is perfect for regular prints.

Advice from Manutech-Print: How to recognise a positive quality screen printing film ?

Present your positive screen printing film to the brilliant light. If you instantly see light passing through the black visual, then the print is not opaque enough and you may have a problem exposing it. Use our special high opacity screen printing ink.

Achieving a positive screen printing film with the used Epson for screen printing.

A badly printed screen positive film lets the plastisol ink through to unwanted places. This is usually due to the ink used or an unsuitable emulsion.

A dark, opaque print yields the best results when making an emulsion stencil. The darker the design, the more the ink blocks light when exposing your screen.

If the design isn't dark enough, the UV passes through the printed area. This will start to harden your emulsion and clog the screen mesh. When the emulsion hardens in your print area, your mask does not wash off properly. The ink does not pass through the mesh.