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Alu screen printing squeegee

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Alu screen printing squeegee 35 cm, ideal for manual screen printing. Attractive price ! Fast delivery in the European Union !


Manutech Print offers an alu screen printing squeegee (for spreading different types of screen printing ink) in several formats:

  • Aluminium squeegee without blade ;
  • Alu squeegee 65 shores ;
  • Aluminium squeegee 75 shores ;
  • Aluminium squeegee handle 85 shores.

The holder makes it easy to change the blade after wear. 

The aluminium squeegee is perfect for manual screen printing

It allows for more efficient cleaning and a good grip.

It also has a high resistance to solvents and is suitable for both types of ink:

  • Plastisol ink;
  • Water-based ink.

How to choose the hardness of your screen printing squeegee blade ?

  • 65 Sh: this is a fairly flexible blade, perfect for applying water-based inks. It allows a thicker plastisol ink deposit ;
  • 75 Sh: this is a versatile blade, ideal for applying plastisol and water-based inks. It allows you to produce your spot colours up to half tones ;
  • 85 Sh: this is a rather rigid blade that allows you to make very fine patterns for half-tone printing. Perfectly suited for plastisol inks.

Cleaning the screen printing squeegee : 

Clean the squeegee with a cloth soaked in suitable cleaning agents.

Instructions for use : push or pull !

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