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Aeoon optimised DTG pretreatment - Dark Cotton Concentrated formula

  • Reference: SKDCottonAEOON20

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Make great savings, reduce the volume by 30% of Aeoon optimised DTG pretreatment. Concentrated Dark Cotton version. Quality!


Aeoon optimised DTG pretreatment, concentrated Dark Cotton formula, offers a qualitative and economical alternative solution compared to Aeoon Technologies products. It guarantees similar or even excellenter results depending on the garment to be personalised, while using less pre-treatment liquid for AEOON inks.

Reduce your production cost by 30% with the DTG pretreat for Aeoon by SK Color.

A unique formula for a reduction in consumption volume of round 30%. You get a result similar or even better than the OEM brand.

Clearly ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much do you estimate your annual volume of AEOON pretreatment consumption?
  • How much does the DTG pretreat step for Kyo or Maikuro printer cost me?
  • 30% Aeoon pre-treatment saved? Why not! Test it!

The pretreat optimised for AEOON DTG printers is a concentrated formula that allows white ink to fix to dark/black textiles.

A second specific version exists for white or light cotton clothing: AEOON optimised Light Cotton. The attractive price remains the same as the Dark Cotton version optimised for Aeoon.

20 litres of DTG concentrate for AEOON produce 80 litres of product.

Pretreatment in concentrated version for exclusive use with Aeoon: Easy dilution of 1 volume of concentrate to 3 volumes of water. Each 20 litre container is diluted with demineralised or reverse osmosis water to obtain 80 litres of ready-to-use pretreat.

Cost-effective AEOON optimised pretreatment solution.

Economic savings in delivery costs: With only 30 kg, the concentrated version significantly reduces delivery costs compared to the ready-to-use version of 92 kg for the same quantity of product.

Lower product dosage to get exceptional quality prints that are resistant to machine washing.

Characteristics DTG pretreatment for AEOON.

Designed and optimised for use with any Aeoon direct to Garment printer, DTG pretreat coating for white ink offers many benefits including:

  • Premium pretreatment for AEOON digital printer, which is easily diluted;
  • Consumption reduced by 30%;
  • With 20 litres of product, you get 80 litres or 92 kg of ready-to-use products;
  • Use less quantity of product for an excellent result: therefore lower production costs;
  • Environmentally friendly pretreatment, corresponding to the values of the Austrian firm;
  • Similar or even better result than Aeoon preprocessing;
  • Pre-treatment for Aeoon printer which leaves little or no trace on the textile;
  • Odorless printing;
  • Improved colour saturation;
  • Increased sharpness of details;
  • Good resistance to washing, durability of prints on dark cotton and use Aeoon Technology white ink.

AEOON ink pretreatment by SK Color.

The DTG pretreat dedicated to AEOON inks represents a qualitative and economical option, constituting an advantageous alternative to Aeoon brand solutions. It ensures equivalent or even superior performance, depending on the cotton capacity or specific type of textile you wish to print.

The main objective is to naturally reduce production costs while maintaining exceptional quality.

DTG pretreatment optimised for AEOON inks.

AEOON is committed to using only water-based inks approved by GOTS and OEKO-TEX®. The pre-treatment version for SK Color Aeoon inks optimises prints, makes colours vivid and wash-resistant.

Not only does SK Color's pretreatment for Aeoon provide equivalent quality to the AEOON product. Above all, it presents two significant economic benefits.

You obtain the comparable result using less pretreatment solution, thereby reducing your production cost. In addition, when purchasing, textile pretreat optimised AEOON is more economical.

Printers compatible with optimised preprocessing for AEOON printer:

AEOON DTG printers are among the fastest and most efficient on the market, offering a printing resolution of up to 2400 dpi. The diverse range of DTG printers includes: Maikuro series, Compact series, Kyo series, Kyo Hybrid series, and Kyo Link series. These DTG printers, compatible with pretreatment for AEOON from Manutech-Print, allow high-quality prints, meeting the most demanding standards on the market.

AEOON Technologies: A leader in the digital textile printing sector.

AEOON Technologies, an Austrian company specialising in the manufacturing of digital textile printing (DTG) machines. With expertise and values, AEOON positions themselves as a key player in the digital textile printing sector. This company offers complete solutions for digital printing, including high-performance DTG printers for companies with high production capacity.

AEOON technologies values: Commitment to quality and sustainability.

AEOON machines are developed in Europe, highlighting the company's commitment to quality and precision. A particular emphasis is placed on sustainability and the environment, with the use of local and regional suppliers to minimise the environmental impact of production.