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Kit Dip Tank Easiway, starter kit

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Kit Dip Tank Easiway PT-520, consisting of a wash tank, 1 PlastiSolv 842, 1 EasiSolv 701, 6 EasiStrip SUPRA.


Easiway PT-520 Dip Tank Kit. Chemical resistant soaking tub. Small footprint. Its volume allows you to recover/clean up to 750 screen printing frames with the cleaning solutions included in this starter kit.

Starter kit for Dip Tank including :

  • Easiway Dip Tank ;
  • Ink Cleaner and Emulsion Remover for Dip Tank EasiStrip SUPRA - 6 x 3,78 Litres ;
  • Powerful plastisol ink cleaner PlastiSolv 842 - 3,78 Litres ;
  • Solvent and degreaser for screen printing EasiSolv 701 - 3,78 Litres ;
  • Screen Printing Scrub Pad.

Easiway PT-520 Dip Tank Features : 

  • Dimensions: 76cm wide x 91cm high x 20cm deep (front to back) ;
  • Holds 140 L ;
  • Lid/Cover ;
  • Threaded Drain Fitting ;
  • Built-in drip ledge ;
  • Built-in screen hold-down bar ;
  • Resistant to solvents and other chemicals.

Chemical requirements : 1:5 chemical to water ratio when using EasiStrip SUPRA.

What is the Easiway PT-520 Dip Tank used for ?

The Easiway PT-520 Dip Tank is designed to save you time when recovering screens. It allows your screen cloth to be returned to its original condition in a very short time. The Easiway Dip Tank chemicals are pipe safe. What's more, they can be used to clean hundreds of screens. Unlike other dip tank systems, this system allows solid waste to be suspended and trapped.

How do I remove emulsion from the screen with a dip tank ?

First of all, fill the dip tank with a mixture (ratio 1:5) of EASISTRIP SUPRA and water. Mix them together. Then leave the frame to soak for several minutes until the emulsion/film is released from the mesh. Then rinse the frame with a high pressure cleaner. From time to time, drain the contents of the tray and filter out the emulsion residues. In order to clean the tank of ink and emulsion residues from your screen printing screen. 

Reuse the liquid until EASISTRIP SUPRA is saturated and no longer has an effect.

In addition, if any traces remain on your screen, we recommend that you use the eco-friendly plastisol ink cleaner. The ecological plasti-DGR from SK. Or use the Easy Solv 701 after-degreaser included in this kit.