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Screen Washout Booths Easiway E32

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Washout Booth from Easiway brand, E32. Development of textile screen printing screens. Small footprint.


Washout Booth from Easiway brand E32, to complete or equip your textile printing workshop. The washout booth allows you to clean a screen printing screen. So that it can be reused and then prepared for another print run.

Easiway's E32 wash cabin is used as a recovery tank when cleaning textile screen printing screens.This prevents the various chemicals used in the cleaning process from being used without any means of recovery. But also to avoid that these chemicals alter the cleanliness of the workshop.

Features of the screen wash tray :

  • Development booth dimensions : 81 cm W x 61 cm D x 97 cm H ;
  • Suitable for standard manual screens as well as small frames for automatic carousel ;
  • Made of white polypropylene ;
  • Easy to dismantle and reassemble, easy to move, ideal for small workshops ;
  • Non-backlit tray ;
  • Easy to install a backlit system ;
  • Easy to clean E32 tray ;
  • Low maintenance development tray ;
  • Solid tray structure.

This compact model made of polypropylene is ideal for small workshops wishing to clean and degrease their screens. The Easiway E32 screen tray takes up no space. It is easy to move and easy to dismantle and reassemble.

The screen washout booth can be used to collect chemical residues and emulsion by-products from the screens. This serves to keep the screen printing screens in good condition for long term reuse. The latter is also used after the screen has been exposed.

Small washout booth : an eco-responsible approach 

The process of cleaning and recovering the screens can result in the discharge of harmful product residues into the drains. In order to respect the environment, the use of a washout booth for screen printing is essential.

The latter is used to recover the chemical residues used, such as plastisol ink and screen printing residues. This prevents all these chemicals from ending up in the environment and polluting it.

You will therefore have a more ecological approach to the planet. In addition, your workshop will be better able to comply with hygiene standards, which will benefit the health of the operators.

How do I clean a screen of screen printing ?

To clean a screen printing screen, it is necessary to apply a degreasing agent to the screen with the sponge in a horizontal position. This should be placed in your degreasing tank. This will prevent your workshop from getting dirty.

Then wait about 2 minutes depending on the product. However, the liquid should never dry on your screen. 

Then rinse the screen with water under pressure. If necessary, repeat the process in areas where there is emulsion residue. 

The screen should become clean again within two recovery cycles.