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Dip Tank Easiway

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Dip Tank Easiway PT-520, screen wash tank for screen printing, soak the frame to remove the emulsion and ink from the screen.


Easiway PT-520 immersion tank. Screen wash tank for screen printing. Dip the frame to remove emulsion and plastisol ink from the screen. Ideal for screen printing screen recovery. It quickly restores the screen mesh to its new look.

Easiway PT-520 Dip tank features : 

  • Easiway PT-520 wash tub dimensions: 76 cm wide x 91cm high x 20 cm deep (front to back) ;
  • Maximum capacity 140L ;
  • Space saving Easiway PT-520 ;
  • Easily removes ink and emulsion from screens without damaging the screens ;
  • Dip Tank ;
  • Lid/Cover ;
  • Threaded Drain Fitting ;
  • Built-in drip ledge ;
  • Built-in screen hold-down bar ;
  • Dip Tank resistant to solvents and other chemicals.

Chemical requirements : 1:5 chemical to water ratio when using EasiStrip SUPRA.

Why use the Dip Tank Easiway, PT-520 ?

The Easiway PT-520 immersion tank is designed to save you time when retrieving screens. It allows you to restore your screen canvas to its original state in a very short time. Plus, unlike other soak tank systems, this system suspends and keeps solid waste.

How do I clean a screen printing screen?

First, remove as much ink as possible from your screen. Then place it in your dip tank (1:5 chemical to water ratio with EasiStrip SUPRA). Leave to soak for about 2 to 3 minutes. Then remove the screen from the wash tank and let the excess liquid drain into the wash tank.

After this step, please bring your screen to your washing cabin. To rinse the emulsion from the screen under high pressure.

Apply EasiSolv 701 Screen Cleaner & Remover to both sides of your screen and scrub.

Rinse excess ink and smudges from your screen. Finally, dry your screen, and it will be ready to use again.